Hands-on with DRIVECLUB: Behind the wheel on PS4

The team at Evolution have been busy ensuring the connected aspects of DRIVECLUB and its interface — dubbed the “dynamic menu” by game director Paul Rustchynsky — are seamlessly integrated into the game. These, in tandem with a companion app launching alongside the game in October, are what will allow DRIVECLUB to realise Evolution’s vision of a truly social racing title.

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XiNarutoUzumaki1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

It's funny that Driveclub is the only Racing game that gets bashed by haters for being 30FFP, but nobody says anything about The Crew. And don't come up with the ''It's an open world racer'' excuse. FPS Nazis have said 60 FPS must be the standart on racing games. If this was true, this shouldn't be the case with NFS rivals, The crew, and more.

What's even funnier is seeing Xbox Fanboys bashing the game for being 30FPS when their precious Forza Horizon was 30FPS too.

You can't win againts people with Tinfoil hats on their heads I guess.

Oh wait... I just remembered this is a Playstation Exclusive. NO wonder it gets too much hate...

PraxxtorCruel1666d ago

You're the first one to comment and you've already brought 'hate' here.

Ju1666d ago

He got a trolling from me....not what I wanted to see at the top here.

GarrusVakarian1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

C'mon man, lets just go one article without mentioning other consoles or fanboys, please!

The game looks great and we all can't wait to play it, let's just leave it at that. Here, GIF's for everyone, be happy! -

jhoward5851666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Lukas thanks for the DC links...

The lighting in DC are incredible. That lens flare add realism. I can't wait to play this.

uth111666d ago

Maybe because Driveclub has generated a ton of stories, the Crew has been fairly quiet. We'll see what happens when they go on a media blitz.

Rivals gets more than its share of hate. Even though it looks awesome and plays great.

Razjin1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Exactly my point.... 60fps is a luxury on consoles and a standard on pc if you have the right rig but it's not needed if the Fps is fixes but when it dips below that then you have a problem because it would be false advertisement and not fun during gameplay. So wait til release and play the ps plus version if you're not convince to buy and judge for yourself if the locked 30Fps ruin your gameplay.

memots1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

dont forget Rivals and Project Cars on console.

I said before and ill say it again. Last gen on console my favorite racer was Project gotham racing and it was 30fps and no one gave a shit back then and the game was not "less good" or "not good enough"

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BABY-JEDI1666d ago

Drive club is shaping up a lot better than I would have Ever thought (minus the 60fps though). But if they nail the cockpit view/ physics/handling then I will be bought. Really looking forward to this.
; D

WickedLester1666d ago

Just enable the motion smoothing feature on your TV to mid or high and basically turns 30 FPS games into 60 FPS games

Razjin1666d ago

Visually Fps don't matter as long as there's no stutter in the image but as far as gameplay it only matters if the Fps are not fixed and it drops but other than that 30fps is enough it's just a luxury to have 60fps on a console.

BABY-JEDI1666d ago

I'm sure this game will be a great addition to the racing genre
; )

mogwaii1666d ago

YES! I was worried by the footage i'd seen that the passing of time was too quick so its awesome to know we can adjust this as we see fit. Looks absolutely beautiful!!!

Stratoblaster1666d ago

Does anyone know if you will be able to shift gears manually in Drive Club???

Ju1666d ago

This game is shaping up insanely well. If the driving mechanics can keep up with the visuals - and audio (?) then we are in for a treat. Can't wait for this game.

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