Bungie details the Fusion Rifle in it's upcoming game 'Destiny'

For a game that has had plenty of news and details revealed about it, Bungie still has quite a lot to reveal about Destiny between now and its September launch. The game's weapons are going to be another very unique part of Destiny and we have some new details to share about one in particular.

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Whore_Mouth1637d ago

I was in the middle of reading the article, then a pop up from the site itself.

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What ever, I'm going to finish this article. Nope I was wrong. An ad starts playing full volume some where on the page. Fuck it I hit mute.

Click on the page so I can scroll down, nope again. That creates another pop up.

I'm of steel and stone, I continue reading, then realize I've already read this a week ago on Bungie's site.


Salooh1637d ago

I think soon we will see ad's where you have to finish them and then you may enter the content you want. If you don't watch it then you are useless..

Then we will have news for ads where we are looking forward for new ones.

When you press anything in the website you get an ad for pressing too much (experienced this my self in a website lol )

Then pay to watch better ads lol .

DJustinUNCHAIND1637d ago

Absolutely riveting. Would make a good movie.

Joking aside, bubbled you for Funny.

spicelicka1637d ago

Ad block plus bro, it'll make your heart feel good.

voodoochild3461637d ago

And this is why I use adblock. You want to advertise to me fine. I'm American so I'm used to being bombarded with advertisements. The second I have to constantly worry about popup videos playing at full blast and popups for websites completely unrelated to the one I'm viewing(I've had popups of cam sex sites when I was on a gaming website) I'll use adblock and I don't give a damn what money you lose in the process.

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NintySonySoft1637d ago

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