Sony could have canned DriveClub for failing to hit PS4 launch

Sony could have pulled the plug on DriveClub for failing to hit PlayStation 4's launch last November, design director Simon Barlow has told, who says that the platform holder's decision to delay the game by an entire year was "unexpected".

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kayoss1638d ago

Good move by Sony to delay the game. i remeber when this game was first revealed. Many people compared it to Forza 5. Saying that it looks horrible in comparison. But now, it maybe the best looking racing game of this new gen. I'm looking forward to buying the full version instead of getting the PSN plus version

XiNarutoUzumaki1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Kudos to Sony for having the balls to delay Driveclub.

Take notes EA!

XiSasukeUchiha1638d ago


Too true man, just to true

and EA takes note and don't mess up Battlefront or your getting Susanno'o

BTBuck11638d ago

I think Sony learned a lot from the ps3 days... and the blu-ray launch. DON'T LAUNCH HALF HEARTED ports and Lazy Encodes of movies, the people will tie you up and burn you at the stake for it!

Basedpheng1638d ago

Those were darker days.. Sure payed off staying a sony fan!

Dissidia1638d ago

Downloading the PS+ Version first and then upgrading would still save players $10

blackstrr4111638d ago

Racing game in 30frames? Eww. Forza is still better

Geomasonic1638d ago

no, your Forza looks dreadful compared to DC.

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AceBlazer131638d ago

Sony avoiding any mess ups this gen. They are doing everything to make sure the momentum stays, every problem that has arised so far they get on it quickly.

Dark111638d ago

Wow didn't know things was this bad.

JOEgolferG1638d ago

How is delaying a game to improve it bad? Ubisoft do it with almost all their title's and look at the great quality that come's with doing so.

GarrusVakarian1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

But thankfully things are great now. The game looks amazing, the delay was the best thing that could have happened to it.

DC and Project Cars will satisfy my racing needs.

jay21638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Should have canned it, it's coming out when it should have gone gold a year later. It was good, played it in London's cafe but should have been canned or released. A year's too long. Things have been stripped back anyway.

Nitrowolf21638d ago

Says can the game despite admitting iy was good. Okay...

Rather a polish game be released than a broken buggy game.that gets traded in store after buying it

GarrusVakarian1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

What the hell are you talking about? Why should they have canned it just because it's releasing a year later than planned? That makes NO sense. The game looks amazing because of it's delay, every time it is shown now, it blows peoples socks off. To be honest....i think allowing Evo to delay it was a very wise choice by Sony. The best choice they could have made.

"Things have been stripped back anyway."

Yeah, sure..."stripped back". This was Driveclub last year- (LOL)

This is the latest build (All in-game, captured directly from a PS4 and played by the developer himself) -


The game has looked better and better each time it has been shown, the newest build showing it to look like one of, if not the best looking racer ever made. It also has received the dynamic menu/social interaction system built into it since last year. So how, in any way, does that equal a "stripped back" game?

The amount of garbage some people talk on this site sometimes is unbelievable.

voicingofreason1638d ago

The delay was always a good thing no matter how excited we were for it. Now we can see all the things implemented for it, surely anyone can see it is nothing but an upgrade.

LordMaim1638d ago

Sometimes there are "features" in a game that just don't contribute to the game's quality or experience. It's better to remove them or redesign them than to leave them in and have a broken disjointed mess.

Destrania1638d ago

Stripped back?! Hahaha, don't go full moron. Driveclub is one of my most anticipated games for PS4, looks and sounds incredible. Definitely going go be sinking countless hours into it.

kayoss1637d ago

Oooook... lets can DC and wait for Gran turismo 7... 8 years later. No I rather they delayed this game to make it better. because it looks to be the best looking racing game to date.

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JOEgolferG1638d ago

Sony was doing a Sony and not releasing a buggy ugly game. Quality come's first as we have seen down the year's from Sony's studio's, take note EA! <scumbags.

xJumpManx1638d ago

Correct, Sony was doing what sony always does. They hype a game to help console sales way to early consequently it gets delayed for quite a bit but hey at least this time it was only a year how long was GT5 delayed.

Minato-Namikaze1638d ago

1 month. GT5 only ever had 1 release date that was delayed.

SoapShoes1638d ago

GT5 was only delayed once and not for very long. You gotta remember the release date wasnt announced for awhile.

kenshiro1001638d ago

So you'd rather have Sony release a buggy game rather than delay it s o it'll be a much better product in the end?

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