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GI: DriveClub is gunning full throttle for its new October 7 release date, and our recent time with the title has revealed some new details.

First of all, the game looks great. It's fast and the couple of cars I drove felt good – somewhere in between being casual and being sim. The lighting effects make the world pop out, and you can even change the time elapse of day into night. On the track, the A.I. cars exhibited some different lines. I didn't win the two races I participated in, which I take as a good sign!

Regardless, we came away with a bunch of new details about the game.

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Sayburr1643d ago

.... Can't slam your way to the front: " multiplayer matches your throttle will be temporarily restricted if you drive too aggressively."

anwe1643d ago

That saddens me a bit. I would rather there be actual damage to the vehicle that hinders you instead of visual only, and temporary throttle limits.

ChronoJoe1643d ago

Problem is that is you also punish the person you hit. In the real world it works because everyone is concerned for their safety too, but it doesn't tend to work online.

kayoss1643d ago

This game going to require skills to win.

LightDiego1643d ago

Looks like Driveclub will be the biggest release from Sony this year.

Shakengandulf1643d ago

From the pic, "Weather" wonder if we'll see rain.?

IRetrouk1643d ago

Woot woot, really cant wait for his game.

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