Top 5 Game Accessories that were Doomed to Fail

'With the (long overdue) decoupling of the Xbox One and the Kinect, with the Kinect not helping sales due to it possibly being HAL 9000, VGU looks at 5 other accessories which were also doomed to fail when launched.'

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Mikelarry1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Its a damn shame for the kinect and the whole motion control gaming i got kinect and the past two days i have had it it has worked as intenfed and i really enjoy using the device. MS really had something with the kinect two both lack of software and clear message as to how we as consumers should care for this product was handled very poorly. Consumers are now going to be in the mindset if a cooperations as big as ms was unable to provide any compelling software and message for motion gaming why should they invest in the next company that tries to implement this tech