The New LOTR Game Made Me Fight Dirty | Kotaku

Kotaku :

"In the roughly one hour I spent playing this third-person, open-world action game during a demo last week, I did nothing but connive and kill and turn allies into enemies. Sometimes things would play out as I planned them to—I'd target an enemy commander and use my wraith abilities to turn his once-loyal bodyguards into their usurpers.

But my manipulating didn't always go as smoothly. Sometimes my chosen champion would die in battle, either because he was too weak or because I accidentally let him die. Sometimes the warchief target would run off and I'd chase him down a field for longer than I care to admit. A shadow step—a wraith move that teleports you—helps a lot in these cases, but once these guys are committed to running they are committed."

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trywizardo1664d ago

that nemesis system sounds great , my fav part is that if a normal soldier killed you he becomes a captain or higher and he is added to the orcs must be killed list :D

3-4-51664d ago

This essentially adds a game within a game. Not sure how people could complain.

I don't even like LotR anymore but this is a great idea.

guyman1664d ago

Ok cool so his only criticism was that he had to keep going back to the nemesis system because he (sucks at the game) always died or lost a betrayer. I dont understand how this can be a negative because it just adds depth to the game

SuicideKing1664d ago

This game looks great! One of my most anticipated games...