Buy Watch Dogs and Get 12 Months of PS+ for $25 or XBL for $35 at Target

Twinfinite writes:

"Fans of the upcoming Watch Dogs will find themselves getting a great deal on PS+ or XBL next week if they go pick up their game at Target."

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No_Limit1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Great deal, $25 for PSN+ looks like the lowest I've seen thus far.

dsammy041669d ago

Honestly that Wii U deal looks sweet too

But heck yea $25 PS+ here I come

gamer78041669d ago

don't know about everyone else but 30$ is about the normal price for XBL, its always on sale, i think the most i've ever paid was 35$ for a year, with the smallest being about 20-25.

voicingofreason1669d ago

Why can't we in the Great British isles get deals like this. Don't think i've ever seen a deal like that.

mochachino1669d ago

Funny that Live is still more and still gives way less.

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