Why the new Gauntlet is wise to keep things simple | Eurogamer

Valkyrie... is about to diet. Enforced dieting. Starvation, you might call it, and it's sort of Valkyrie's fault. Early on in the dungeon, the monsters came slowly and the food was everywhere. Valkyrie gorged. But then things got tougher, her health took a battering, and she was always a second or five too slow to get to the turkey legs whenever the opportunity presented itself.

A dungeon crawler tuned for the chaos of four players battling against ridiculous odds and occasionally - accidentally, hopefully - battling against each other, Gauntlet doesn't sound too hard to get right. It's so simple, isn't it? But, much like the matter of getting to those turkey legs before they've all been eaten up, that simplicity is deceptive. Sequels to the 1985 original have struggled to improve upon it, and some have often missed the mark completely.

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