[E3 Rumors]Uncharted PS4 "Looks Incredible", Microsoft Got Big Third Party Exclusive

Thuway strikes again: Microsoft secured another big third party exclusive, Uncharted looks "stupidly good" and he heard about three bombshells at the conferences, two from Microsoft and one from Sony.

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Mikelarry1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

E3 cant come any sooner. I wonder what third party exclusive MS has secured again with all the pre e3 announcements (halo and xbox live changes) i cant even guess what the two megaton announcement would be

mikeslemonade1184d ago

Sony still wins this conference with new internal IPs and the announced IP with Deep Down, U4, and The Order. All those games will look superior to anything on X1.

choujij1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

For their sake, if they're planning on moving a lot more Xbones, their 3rd party exclusive will have to be a lot bigger than Titanfall was.

GameNameFame1183d ago

3rd party exclusive? Why not call it timed exclusive. Lol.

Look at last gen with big x360 exclusives all going timed exclusive and get ported to PS3.

zeee1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Hope it's not Fallout! One thing is for sure, it is gonna be a shooter. That's all MS likes. Shooters, shooters and then some more shooters.

ddkshah1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

I don't want to believe this. I'm getting sick and tired of microsoft forcing gamers to buy a subpar system to play 3rd party exclusives.

But anywho microsoft buys a 3rd party exclusive game, sony will probably buy a studio (maybe quantic dream, ready at dawn) ;)

After Crash Bandicoot and Spyro I think Sony's policy of owning the ip's they publish makes the most sense :D

And unlike microsoft, Sony, after they buy out a studio still does pretty well for itself if not better. Point in case (Rare, Bungie ;) vs Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, Media Molecule, and the list goes on.

Magnes1183d ago

@ddkshah took the words right out of my head!

Dear MS:
Stop holding games ransom on your low res cable box.

Sincerely, A Gamer

ThanatosDMC1183d ago

I hope MS didnt buy off Evolved exclusivity. I'd be pissed.

Sitdown1183d ago

How is Microsoft forcing you to buy a system?.... They putting a gun to your head? Sub par just because the specs are not equal or greater to what? Bungie didn't do pretty well after being bought by Microsoft?

Magnes1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

@sit not sure how you don't understand but I'll break it down for you. You like a game but not Sony.Sony buys said game, not developer, then you have to buy a ps4 to play the game in question. That would be Sony "forcing you",to use your words, to buy their system if you want to play it. Anti consumer in my opinion.

ddkshah1183d ago

It's not even that I wouldn't care if ms buys exclusives IF their console was capable of 1080p gaming but so far most if not all 3rd party exclusives have been 900p or less and that includes pvz garden warfare, dead rising 3, titanfall, ryse, and sunset overdrive.

Yi-Long1183d ago

It wouldn't surprise me if the exclusive is the new Resident Evil.

MAYBE Beyond Good and Evil 2.

BattleAxe1183d ago

Mass Effect 4 could be a likely candidate for an Xbox One exclusive.

UltraNova1183d ago

I hope they dont buy any of the games following or I'll be pissed:

- Mass Effect
- Elder Scrolls
- Fallout
- Anything Rockstar

The rest I dont care, then again I dont remember them all..

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Alexious1184d ago

To be honest, I'd prefer they would choose the way of internal studios.

But if it's a really good game, then in the end it doesn't matter.

ZodTheRipper1183d ago

That's what everyone with a bit sense of logic would prefer. Buying exclusive contracts instead of investing into own IPs is pretty much the saddest thing that happened to this industry in a long time. Especially the timed exclusive ones that only exist to gain a temporary marketing advantage. I will never support Microsoft as long as they don't change their money-driven approach to this creativity-driven industry.

GiantEnemyCrab1183d ago

You make it sound like MS will announce 1 third party game. They have a bunch of internal studios working on things and many first party stuff is going to be revealed. This is just 1 game of many that are coming.

maniacmayhem1183d ago


What does it matter if you are a Xbox One owner where the games come from? I will never understand this way of thinking.

Bathyj1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

I'll give you example of why it matters.


I've been buying their games for over a decade. Now theyve basically turned their back on those fans. I'm glad youre happy, but realise that buying exclusives instead of making them is always going to piss off half the market.

Remember, these games would be multiplat most likely if not for these deals, so MS is not paying money so Xbone owners can have the game, they are paying money so Playstation owners cant.

You might not care, depending on the game in question and what side of the fence you happen to be sitting on, but surely you can understand the argument.

Many have said XB currently has a better games line up. Thats debatable in my book, but anyway, its interesting that for all their "great" games the only 1st party one I cant think of is Forza. At least Sony has 3 1st party games already as well as 2nd party offerings (is House Marque 2nd party?) That bothers my because MS have gone hard at the beginning of 2 generations to hook people in, and then quickly dropped support. Its the main reason I dont want to invest in a games library on Xbox, not the price (which is gone) or power difference at all. I see the library as the biggest investment you will make over the course of a gen.

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starchild1184d ago

You don't need to be an insider or psychic to know that Uncharted 4 is going to look amazing.

Why o why1184d ago


E3 will be interesting....

Illusive_Man1184d ago

But Halo 5 Guardians will look better.

beereal3601183d ago

Yeah I love uncharted 2 but part 3 turned into a shooter with bad aiming. I hope they fix it and it will look great but from what I'm hearing halo 5 will have CG like graphics.

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Flutterby1184d ago

I am guessing if this rumour is true MS must have paid millions considering the way the console sales are going because they would have to pay the difference of what ps4 would sell.

Ginesis1184d ago

They for sure did but securing third party exclusives shouldn't be astronomically expensive right now because Xbox is at 4+ million and PS4 is hovering around 7.5, whereas their potential is around 80-100 million, add in the attach rates (which means a lot to publishers) and right now it's easy to see why a third party would do an exclusive. What would surprise me more is 3-4 years down the road and this happens. Right now Microsoft can easily make up the difference from potential PS4 sales.

blackout1184d ago

This info is OLD. Like last year old. I guess keep the news coming. It was already stated that Microsoft was 6 months to a year behind on games for the x1 (dx12). After e3 last year gametrailes had a panel talking about what some of them herd behind closed doors, and what we should be hearing at next e3.

Alexious1184d ago

That's true, but it's not like Microsoft can't do it.

They have the money to pursue such a policy, they've done it since the beginning. Sony couldn't do it even if they wanted to, but luckily they have their own studios doing great games.

Visiblemarc1184d ago

I agree. I'd be surprised if a true AAA mindblowing exclusive deal was made at all, for either console. That model has been dying a slow death for years. It's a bad way to build a mega-franchise and that's what all publishers want now.

@Ginesis that's all the more reason to avoid exclusives period. Neither console has an install base to support the astronomical sales publishers want now. Even combined it's an issue, I'm sure. I bet some publishers are sitting on games waiting for the install bases to grow while they poop out yet another last gen/cross gen game.

Rainbowcookie1184d ago

If it's a franchise even more, but the way it goes nowadays it might just be the first game and it will go multiplatform in the future...well if the other company(sony) is winning that is.

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creatchee1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

To be honest, I wish (by wish, I mean hoping for something unlikely) that Microsoft has somehow figured out a method of backward compatibility for the Xbox One involving discs we already own and titles we've already digitally purchased. That would be a megaton bigger than any one game and would certainly help sway 360 users to stay in the Microsoft camp - not for any numbers war or anything, but because more owners means more and longer software support.