Thanks For Nothing, Sony And Microsoft

EGMR writes: "In our latest episode we draw our attention to the upcoming E3, and explain how it's the most important one for years due to the fact that at present neither Microsoft nor Sony has truly given us anything to be excited about or given us much at all. We discuss the two rivals' respective strategies thus far, and the implications of those strategies."

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lelo1638d ago

LOL... are they pissed because there are not leaks from Microsoft and Sony before E3 ?

3-4-51638d ago

Media gets B hurt when they can't get what they want.

andrew1719941638d ago

Agreed i dont even touch my ps4 only to use plex, unhappy gamer-__- i just want the last of us remastered

skydragoonity1638d ago

I'm willing to be patient until E3

Godmars2901638d ago

Actually, to be frank, Sony moved the bar back at least in regard to multimedia support. Dropped MP3/MP4 support, as well as external HDD, all to push Music Unlimited.

And then the PS4, like the XO, needs to connect and update online to even be a fully functional games and media device. Will play games but not movies.

Grown Folks Talk1638d ago

I think they're both trying to push their music & movie services. Biding time to see how long we'll take it. Play To is decent for X1, but full DNLA is naturally better. Let me access my networked content, & WMC extender wouldn't hurt my feelings either.

DLConspiracy1638d ago

Yeah I am not too fond of the Push to play technique. Also not fond that you cannot play all types of formats for the media. I would love to access my own library from my XB1 or PS4. Still we have some time left and I think this generation is going to be copying off each consoles strengths. However if both these console offer the same that the other provides it's just going to get messier and messier. At least in the comments. :)

1638d ago
Trolltroll1638d ago

Wow they thanked e3 for nothing. This was a waste of time these guys added nothing to the e3 debate. Where was the nintendo talk. I think after e3 no one is going to care about the xbone and ps4 presentations because there is going to be nothing other than HD remakes this year. (Not including multi console games BLPS and Destiny.)

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