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Zichu1587d ago

21st October O.o

I'm truly screwed this October, well my wallet is.

Alien Isolation, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Shadow of Mordor, Batman: Arkham Knight, and now Evolve.

I do my best not to buy every game at release day that I want, I planned to pick up Shadow of Mordor in October and then the other games after I had finished it, but it's getting too much now lol. We haven't even made it to E3 yet and we are almost chock-a-block...

KeeseToast1587d ago

Arkham Knight is the only must-play for me I will wait for the others you mentioned until they are cheaper.

Ashunderfire861587d ago

Alien Isolation and Dragon Age: Inquistion for me.

monkey nuts1587d ago

Don't forget drive club is out on the 7th of October too.
I need a quality current gen racing game in my life, wolfenstein got the fps on lockdown for now. Game is old school good. Reminds me of golden eye on the n64.

incendy351587d ago

Finally got a chance to see some gameplay for this, pretty great idea. Looks fun. Surprised no one else has run with this idea, so simple but makes so much sense haha.

KeeseToast1587d ago

Did they say anything about Local-Multiplayer?? It would be awesome if you could use the Vita for playing Goliath on PS4 while the others play splitscreen.
If this game has only online MP then I don't buy it.

Blacklash931587d ago

The game looks really interesting. I'm very much looking forward to seeing where it goes. I just hope it has enough options and content to support the innovation, which at this rate it sounds like it will.

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