Review: Transistor Is A Unique, Expertly Crafted Piece Of Art [EGMR]

EGMR writes, "When you start thinking about games that literally begin redefining what you think a game is, or can be, Bastion is usually one of those that you recall. The Action RPG from developers Supergiant Games made a big impact when it released in 2009, mixing together some deep, hack and slash combat with a tale woven so expertly that it is still able to instil the same feelings on repeated playthroughs. Transistor, the follow-up act to one of the greatest games ever made, borrows a lot from Bastion’s DNA, but also does more than its fair share with it. Transistor isn’t just another Bastion in a different setting. It’s an enthralling, emotional and spellbinding experience that takes everything that was good about Bastion and amplifies it, while changing the core of the game entirely."

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