id Software Employee: "We've been losing top-notch talent ever since the Zenimax purchase"

DSOGaming writes: "According to id Software’s employee, the legendary studio is nothing compared to its older indie self. Not only that, but the studio has been losing lots of talented people these past months, something that could explain why Doom 4 has been delayed indefinitely."

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XiSasukeUchiha1340d ago

Damn... ID... is crashing on the inside!

Best of luck !

joydestroy1340d ago

DOOM is never coming out.

FarEastOrient1339d ago

I agree and this a sad event, what was the last large game the company has made under Zenimax.

fenome1339d ago

They'll go rogue and make it as an independent studio, they'll call it GLOOM :p

xer01340d ago

I can't remember the post; but neo-gaf has a more interesting post about this, from 6 months ago.

-Foxtrot1340d ago

Why don't they just close the studio then and move the existing employees to other parts of their studios

Dudebro901340d ago

Give Machine Games Doom 4. They knocked it outta the park with Wolfenstein.

Parasyte1340d ago

Unless you're TRYING to play it on PC.

Monolith1340d ago

Agreed. Took me almost 2 hours to get through the begining level from just exploring and getting lost along the way lol. Its been a long time having a real shooter in my life. I think thats why I love shadow fall so much.

Baka-akaB1340d ago

No way .... you couldnt tell at all /s

Stoppokingme1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

If this is true then I can see why he's pissed.

On the other hand that's business for you, you've gotta brown up that nose if you want to get anywhere.

That's why I think so many Devs are leaving major studios to go indie-They are having to sacrifice creative control in order to make games that will deliver a profit, which is fine if you're in it for the money but no so good if you're in it for the pleasure.

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