Watch_Dogs — When Being Inclusive Becomes Intrusive

An opinion piece via EGMR in which the author takes a look at some comments made about Watch_Dogs, specifically about how it has failed female gamers as the year's biggest release. Sexism, the most anticipated title of the year. What's not to love?

Quote: "Case in point, an article I recently read about Watch_Dogs not being inclusive enough of female gamers, with the author using the words ‘Failed Female Gamers’ in the title. This is one of those articles that I read which would fall into that latter category that I mentioned; the ones where you stop and go, “Well now you’re just looking to start a fight, aren’t you?” "

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theXtReMe11667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Yeah. I agree with this article. Sometimes, it seems people fight to fight and enjoy that fight more than the cause they are fighting for. They pick fights, and target high profile games, specifically to get the attention of more people for their supposed cause.

I'm all for adding more women in games and making them the strong focal point of an elaborate story. But, if it doesn't fit… It doesn't fit. Sure Aiden could've been Aideen, but that's not what the story called for.

There's not much else to say. You can fight the good fight as long as you keep a level head and not go off the rails on tangents specifically to garner more attention. Then, you end up looking like an attention whore and the cause gets lost behind your veil of cynicism and press optimization.

I do, as a man, feel that developers use female sexualization to sell products more often then using women as the protagonist that moves the story forward. With gaming being a stereotypically male-dominated hobby for the past 40 years, I guess some developers still feel like that is who they need to target. What they don't realize is that females are making up a larger population of gamers, year after year, and those games that are targeting those guys are also limiting the market you can sell those games to.

It's a tight rope. Just like almost everything in life. You have to balance out the good with the bad in order to come out with a product that is fun to play for everybody and that doesn't offend the vast majority. From a female perspective, I guess it can be fairly frustrating to not have the choice to play a female character in any game, which I think developers need to look into. Why not give players a choice if they want to play male, female, black, white, Asian... whatever. None of it should change the story all that much, all devs really have to do is swap out character models for those that affect the story. If you have a game based around some sort of family issue, like watchdogs, then you switch out the family members for whatever gender or race chosen at the beginning. Very simple and it expands your market to allow those who don't want to play as Aiden to play is anybody they want. The story still being the same, the characters being the only difference.

In this day and age, with all of the technology we have, there should be no such thing as racism, sexism or any other issue that affects human interaction with each other. We are all the same inside and out, why this was ever an issue in the history of mankind I'll never know. I guess it all goes back to people feeling the need to dominate others, to feel better than others. Which I find a load of crap. If everybody treated each other with love and respect, like you would any family member, we would never have wars, there would be no racism or sexism... Just mankind. For better or worse, it's up to us to make this world what we want it to be. Wouldn't you rather be happy than sad or angry? See everybody else around you happy?

Or does it mean more to you to be right and better than everybody else? This question alone predicts and has always predicted our future. Because any war was always started by somebody who felt they were better than somebody else, somebody who thought they were right. That need has destroyed how many lives in the history of mankind?

Think about that, the next time you put somebody down for choosing one system over another. For being one race, not another. For choosing to belittle that person beside you, who may be a little bit different than you are.

JimmyHACK1666d ago

Exactly, make a good character first. If they happen to be black/white/male/female etc.. that will come from the development of that character.

Anyone that fights saying a certain race/gender of character must be added is someone that truly doesn't want the best character the team can create.