Hyrule Warriors getting ‘Premium’ and ‘Treasure’ releases in Japan

Amazon Japan has listing for 2 non-standard versions of Hyrule Warriors available for pre-order. The first is the ‘Premium’ box which will cost 11 644 ¥ ($117) and contains the game, official book, triforce table clock and as a pre-order bonus, a 3 costume set. Also listed is the ‘Treasure’ box which will cost 14 904 ¥ ($149) and features everything in the Premium box as well as Link’s scarf and a Treasure box with sound.

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ritsuka6661667d ago

Looks this game will be massive in japan. o_o

admiralvic1666d ago

To be fair, a lot / most Musou games (even Hokuto Musou) get a special edition in Japan. In fact, a few musou games even got consoles with unique designs over there. Not saying this game won't be big, but that this news is not surprising or even unique for Japan / Musou games / Koei.

HollywoodLA1666d ago

Exactly what Nintendo needs - a successful game in Japan.

wonderfulmonkeyman1666d ago

Players in the states have been wanting a more action-oriented Zelda that lets you play as other Zelda characters for a while now, so I think this will see good sales in the states, too.
Zelda generally does as a rule.

DryBoneKoopa851667d ago

I hope these collectors sets come to the states. I really like the Treasure box one. Nintendo, just give me a pre order date so I can slam money down!

Geobros1666d ago

I hope to see something collective out of japan too...

ScubaSteve11666d ago

manage to grab the treasure box edition before they sold out. now i gotta wait to see what Noa gives us

wonderfulmonkeyman1666d ago

If it weren't already summer where I am, I'd want that scarf, too.XD
If only they'd release these bundles over here. I'd save a couple month's worth of paychecks for that baby...

Marceles1665d ago

It's been pushing 100 over here in California and I still want it lol. I don't want to import for it though since the game would be useless

wonderfulmonkeyman1665d ago

Southern California, here, so I know what u mean.

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