Hyrule Warriors Now Has an Official Website

It looks like the Hyrule Warriors updates keep coming as the game’s official website has now been revealed. The page details some further information about some of the characters, story and in game areas.

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Sly-Lupin1495d ago

Hyrule Warriors on WiiU and Samurai Warriors on PS4... Not to mention gundam Reborn and DW8Xlce... This is one hell of a year for musou games.

Deadpool6161495d ago

I wasn't aware of the other musou games you mentioned. Thanks for the info.

KonsoruMasuta1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Man, Tecmo Koei is marketing the hell out of this game.

Also, new screenshots!

I'm loving this game more and more. That screen shot make me want to tear up.

Deadpool6161495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

I will be buying this for sure. I love these types of games.

thehobbyist1495d ago

This game impresses me more and more as details come forth. But as usual. I won't pre-order until I see some raw gameplay footage.

1495d ago
Summons751495d ago

It's been confirmed that they will be showing a demo as well as a playable one for attendees.

BattleN1495d ago

You guys see King Dodongo it looks awesome I tried to zoom in using WiiU gamepad lol. Game grafix look like they improved a bit. Environments look original and cool. Impa's sword is pretty cool. I'm just waiting for a new gameplay trailer. Oh I also hope Epona returns!