GRID Autosport announcement trailer - going back to the roots of e-racing

Codemasters released the announcement trailer for the next installment in the GRID franchise, GRID Autosport, with the promise that GRID is going back to its roots.

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memots1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

As a guy you loves racing, I got drive club coming and project cars on my PC , assetto corsa occupies plenty of my time and I play grid 2 from time to time.

Grid Motorsport makes me hope for a return to form for toca race driver ( 2 being my favorite. )
I somehow have low expectation , i will get he game guarantee but not day one or full price.
It does however look damn fine :)

sprinterboy1664d ago


Agree bra, driveclub and project cars will tie me over until gt6 (ps4) and gt7 prologue. developers need to make a real gem in the racing genre if they wish to get a good userbase and sales. Good luck to grid but will skip it personally

BattleReach1664d ago

It's a shame this game isn't coming to current gen.

Shinuz1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

So its getting a cockpit view then?

memots1663d ago


And ill say it is very needed. Dirt 3 has a great cockpit view and i couldn't believe that Grid 2 didn't do it. When ever i play Grid 2 i miss that view

Shinuz1660d ago

Thats great! Its the sole reason why I didn't buy Grid 2, and I was really looking forward to it until I heard the bad news...