First Halo 3 Screenshots

You might recognize some of these from the recent EGM cover story, but many of them are brand new. Also these are in hi-res digital format so they give a much better impression than the scans that were posted a few weeks back. The screens were first published (or leaked?) by German game site GameCity but Bungie will probably make these public soon. Untill then you can check them out in the story image section below.

Note: According to Bungie the screens are taken from an early alpha build with lots of placeholder graphics and without all graphical effects turned on. But they should still give a good indication of the graphical style of Halo 3.

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marcusfenix4414d ago (Edited 4414d ago )

Can't wait to play multi-player.

soccerstar4414d ago

same here should be a blast

PS3 Ultimate4414d ago

Looks pretty good. But, it looks SLIGHTLY better than Halo 2.

ImTheNumber124414d ago

I actually agree with you but you have to know that this is alpha. This is just the early build of the game and shouldn't gameplay come before graphics. If they can reach the quality of their initial trailer i'm sure that this game will look incredible. I have heard before that the trailer was also missing some graphical touches that would be implemented in the final game. I'm betting you that killzone doesn't look too hott right now either. Anyways, I can't wait to play that beta.

power of Green 4414d ago

It almost looks like they worked on the look of the spartans super human abilities(jumping and such looks more believable).

Arkham4414d ago

Leaked just before the PS3 release? Sure, leaked like a FOX! ;)

Looking good! A few more months' work is really going to put some serious oomph into the game.

power of Green 4414d ago

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Donkey Slayer4414d ago

That said I think it looks great so far, especially pics 1,2 & 4. I hope it feels more like Halo:CE than Halo 2 in terms of gameplay.

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The story is too old to be commented.