Wolfenstein The New Order first 25 minutes - PC Ultra HD 7970

The opening 25 minutes of Wolfenstein The New Order on PC using Ultra settings and running on an i5 3570K processor, 8Gb Ram HD 7970 set up.

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hiredhelp1670d ago

Nc video same video card as me.

hakis861670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

After watching those 25mins, I have to say it failed to catch my interest. I liked Return To Castle Wolfenstein, but this seems a bit boring to me. Not intrigued by the opening/story so far, stiff and awkward animation/acting, And if THAT is running in Ultra? Sorry not impressed by the graphics.
I mean the cloth in the back of the airplane looks a bit old school, Uncharted 3 looks better. Also seems like there´s not many shadows to be seen.
How about some particles, better geometry and textures?!! (I mean look at that yellow phone in the plane, lol!)

I like the Transformers-esque dogs, and I´m sure there will be cooler enemies, including something with electricity. The sound is also cool.
It seems like this is on Easy - no resistance at all, and the gameplay just looks OK.

*Hides in bunker*

Perjoss1670d ago

You didn't find it interesting yet you watched it for 25 mins?

opoikl1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

I must say that the opening chapter also failed to convince me of the game's worth. The airplane section wasn't really that thrilling and graphically I found it distracting rather than inviting (coming from the super crisp images of Infamous:SS). But from chapter two on the game really shows its own colours and it's been going in crescendo for me up until chapter 6 where I'm currently at.

I strongly advice you to give this game a try. To me it has that golden feel of an oldskool sp campaign, where you play as a one man army with a conscience and a believeable cause, while visiting varied environments with incredible pacing, encountering mysterious and dark thematics (Nazis, artifacts, torturing, experimenting) and meeting an unexpectedly mature cast for a game with B-movie allures. Also, the gameplay really kicks ass and I love how you always have the option between a stealthy approach and an all out guns blazing offensive.

This game screams nostalgia to me and I can't wait to start the campaign all over after my first playthrough.

BTW, if you can't get enough of the subject, watch Frankenstein's Army. Amazing artwork, epic chars and a captivating atmosphere.

hellzsupernova1670d ago

Apparently the start is the worse part of the game, picks up soon after. It is using idteck 5 which is a decent engine game doesn't look bad by any means. I'll pick it up eventually

hakis861670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

@Perjoss; perhaps I should have written "failed to convince me of the game´s worth", like opoikl did.

Like I said I liked Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and having played a decent amount of FPS games I know SOME can have a slow start, so I guess I kept waiting for something cool to happen.

Edit; Thanks for recommending opoikl, I´ll keep it in mind.

DoctorJones1670d ago

Like opoikl said, it really does pick up after the start. I was a bit underwhelmed at first, but after the first section it won me over, the gunplay is excellent.

Deividas1670d ago

The Start of the game is without question the worst part of this game. I struggled getting through it because it was really dull. But then right after...I couldnt stop playing it. I had to force myself to put the controller down and go do something else. It really is a fun game and level design is pretty awesome. Dont judge based on the first part of the game

abstractel1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

@hakis86 sorry for you getting disagrees, I bought the game and am halfway through. I play it on the highest settings, and it's a crap looking game. There's no way around it. If this game was called "Killzone" it would most likely have gotten 50s instead of 80s.

Really don't understand how anyone can think this game looks good, or even plays all that good. The AI is dumb, it wasn't just the leaked gif. Not to mention it has no MP. This is not a next-gen experience.

Deividas1670d ago


What are you talking about? The game looks great and plays great. Yea they AI isnt that good but on the hardest difficulty it is a decent challenge. The game is exactly what it was intended to be, a Wolfenstein game.

And im glad they didnt put a MP in because lets be honest, you think your going to be playing its MP over COD, Battlefield, Killzone? It has no chance to survive and would have just had to spend more resources on making a MP part that no one would play more than a month. They focused 100% on the SP and it payed off. The game is beautiful for what it is and fun to play, if you dont have a giant stick up your ass.

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NaAsAr1670d ago

dam, it looks like a $40 game.

player0021670d ago

the game is awesome some textures are meh but it plays very well

jegheist20141670d ago

its not 60 dolar game by no means its fun none the less buti m not paying for it on ps4 till its 40 bux i want game for doom beta code but i bought code on ebay for 15 bux i wasnt paying 60 bux for game to gwet beta code ill tell u that..

jay21670d ago

Fking p**sed off, I can't do that jump at 6 mins, do i need that flipping patch, he climbs up the wing and falls off, ps3 version