Review: Color Zen (Pure Nintendo)

Pure Nintendo: "The game has nearly 500 levels to puzzle through, and more coming via DLC. At just $3.99 that’s a heck of a value! Should you desire to skip certain levels, there’s a limited means to do so. The first chapters in each theme (Classic, Reflection, Serenity, and Nature) are also unlocked automatically so you can jump around to a degree if unable to wrap your head around a particular level. Even with the challenge however, it still has a relaxed feel to it.

Don’t be turned off by the name. Color Zen is an absorbing and addictive puzzle game that hits the mark! Versions will also be arriving on the 3DS sometime soon, and I’m looking forward to that. I appreciate that Cyrponia and Large Animal have delivered a top-notch Wii U game, and I hope it finds the eShop success it deserves."

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