Gamers respond to the Far Cry 4 box art controversy

The best comments from the MMGN community on the heated topic of the Far Cry 4 box art controversy.

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Metallox1670d ago

My reaction: it's a game, why it's so important?

Massacred1670d ago

Freedom of Expression.

Doesn't matter if we do or don't agree with speech (images, games, movies etc. . .), offensive or not we cannot star censoring games.

If we do they will never really be considered art.

GHOSTxx4201670d ago

I thought we were gonna play the game not the box art. I mean does it really matter how it looks?

Berenwulf1670d ago

So you are saying just because it's a game it's not important what message the game delivers? That's pretty sad...

Metallox1669d ago

About racism? I disapprove it as well, but kind of honestly I don't care if a game uses it as theme. You know it's wrong, I know it's wrong, end of story.

Berenwulf1669d ago

But that's not what you first comment is saying ;)
It's kind of saying that content in games doesn't matter because they are games... That's why I was disagreeing...

ginsunuva1669d ago

Please tell us exactly the message the game is delivering.

That's right, you don't know.

Berenwulf1669d ago

Dude can you read, I know my english is not perfect but I am talking about games in general... Please read carefully before you start flaming

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Majin-vegeta1670d ago

Holy Batman you might as well add a Hispanic,African and Asian.So no one gets upset.Oh and a girl also while you're at it since then it will be about sexism *rolls eyes*

AgentSmithPS41670d ago

It would have to be a less fortunate girl in the looks department otherwise the "anti-barbie" people would attack.

ginsunuva1669d ago

They need a transsexual female black gay ginger jew.

Iltapalanyymi1670d ago

i like it. i don't get this whole thing spinning around it. people are flipping over for nothing.

corvusmd1670d ago

PC Police suck, and they tend to do a lot more harm than good.

A). Why was it racist when he was "white"? (actually that is racist, but not for the same reason).
B). So say he was white, and the guy that is "inferior" is another race...why are we jumping to the conclusion that it's about race? Maybe the guy on his knees, killed the other guys' sister, or is in debt to him for money, or killed a village on women and children, and now he's paying off his debt to the other man...initially this was just based on cover art and people just kept assuming's shows that THEY are much more racist than the cover art.
C). Just think of the uproar from these people the first time a game makes the villain a black Muslim woman...yet not a peep every time it's a rich white guy or a German.

Ironically these types of people feel like they are protecting against racism, but are doing a better job of creating it. Just sad.

HollowZbankai1670d ago

or maybe hes showing his power over that gang. the guys is on his knees pledging alliegience and his hand on his head shows his authority over him. maybe the guy on the ground was the gangs former leader and its showing dominance

AgentSmithPS41670d ago

Maybe the guy on the ground is the leader and he's into some elaborate sexual role-playing.

Baccra171670d ago

"C). Just think of the uproar from these people the first time a game makes the villain a black Muslim woman..."

Thanks for spoiling the ending! Just kidding.

rainslacker1669d ago

I look at this picture, and assume the guy is the bad guy since I have no context to go off of. The guy looks like a douche-bag. So he's probably an ass to everyone. Since the game probably takes place in an area that has a native race, it just means this guy(if he is the bad guy) is using his superiority complex(probably cliched delusions of grandeur) against people that can't stand against him for some reason. Race doesn't have to be an issue, although it could be.

People are making assumptions without having context, which is why we have these discussions, and it's not much better than when the media people criticize games or gamers without ever playing them, or taking certain aspects and making into some sweeping issue that doesn't exist.

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godofboobees1670d ago

Quick somebody call Adam sessler, subtract points for racist cover

Ninver1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

that egg head would subtract points just because the guy is wearing a purple suit.

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