HD Remasters are Curbing Gaming Progress

Nerdacy: So, the other day I realized that many people are still quite ecstatic for the HD Remaster of The Last of Us for the PS4 and many of those people are eagerly awaiting an “impending” announcement for a HD remaster of GTA V for new-gen consoles. My simple, yet blasphemous question is…why?

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KinjoTakemura1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

I guess the author of this article thinks that all of Naughty Dog's resources are tied up when they were making the remastered version of TLOU. That may have been the case if Naughty Dog only had one team of developers, but it's quite clear that Uncharted 4 and TLOU Remastered have two separate teams working on each project. The article is an opinion based on other opinions and nothing more.

SaintAlpha1011669d ago

I think HD remakes/ports are good for games which needed remaking or have long been unavailable for purchase in stores.
Games like The Last of Us IMO don't need a next-gen port, since the game only came out barely a year ago and is already pretty much flawless on the PS3.

I'm a bit of a hypocrite since I want the Mass Effect trilogy ported on PS4/XB1 and those games are still widely available, but the point still stands. (Plus, ME1 on console ran quite badly at times, it needs the Next-Gen port treatment.)