New Dragon Ball Game for the PS4 Looks "Underwhelming"

Despite the hype, the recently announced Dragon Ball game for the PS4 drew flak across the web for its "underwhelming" teaser screenshots which can arguably be produced on the old-gen PS3, Xbox 360 and WiiU.

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Bundi1300d ago

No, those sub-hd screenshots with almost PS2 level textures are "stunning"!!

gamejohn00x1300d ago

This would play great with a VR headset though.

BitbyDeath1300d ago

I remember when The Order got flak for having some bad looking bricks in a screenshot.

Or hey remember when Deep Down also got blasted for a low quality trailer?

We've only seen 3 small screenshots, none of which had been labelled as to which platform they were from, kinda early to judge on the PS4 version when we may have seen nothing of it.

Godmars2901300d ago

Its an upscaled PS3 title - likely using PS2 tools - so what do you expect.

Also thinking that JP devs, in light of handhelds being more popular, are just saying "F**k it".

ChickeyCantor1300d ago

It will sell regardless, so they don't bother with big budgets.

Silly gameAr1300d ago

I'm going to be mature about it and wait to see the new DBZ game in action before I throw a fit about a few screenshots and write an article about it.

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