H-Hour: Worlds Elite Guns Hot Video

This has been a very busy week for David Sears and SoF Studios, with the PMN Mines video and the Hostage Situation video. Well they aren’t done yet. Now, we have the Guns Hot video that was just posted today.

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creatchee1668d ago

OMG!!! They are really going for the true SOCOM experience! That gun going up saved many of my lives back in the day - especially on Enowapi.

Also, note to devs - please bring back Enowapi. Best breach map ever.

spence524901667d ago

This is shaping up very nicely. My body is ready for that socom feel all over again. This is now right under The Division for games on my most wanted list.

socomfan1664d ago

this is really good! I have trust that this game will come very close to the socom feeling back in the days.
I really hope they will succeed in makin some awesome maps like in socom 1,2 & 3
I've seen the sismus map it looks cool but i'm not really impressed maybe it's just me but i hope they will make some awesome maps!

keep up the good work im lovin it