Do You Care About HD Remasters/Definitive Editions of Games?

I asked the Benign with B-TEN Facebook group what their thoughts were on games from previous generations that our upscaled and ported to more recent consoles. Here's what the group had to say.

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mochachino1671d ago

For the few quality games I missed last gen and games I haven't played in a while I'd definitely love a remastering.

In fact, I probably wouldn't mind it for any good game, the only issue would be price. For most, $60 would be too much. I'm fine with $30.

Jughead34161670d ago

Yea, I'm cool with it. I was actually hoping they would have remastered god of war 2 for ps3 years ago. I'm a graphics whore. Id pay full price if I never played the game before. Should be discounted otherwise.

UltimateMaster1670d ago

If they are to resell a remastered version. Then justify the price tag.
I don't just want a resolution/frame rate upgrade and better AA.
I want additional stuff to add more to the experience. New physics like Tomb Raider DE.
On top of that, I want..
New modes, new sidequest, new story.
Just add more stuff

alexkoepp1670d ago

I'd rather just see new content until these systems get a good library, then do all the remakes you want

miyamoto1670d ago

I have love my remasters on my PS3 hard drive!

Shadow of the Colossus
Sonic Adventure
Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles
Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles

mikeslemonade1670d ago

For me personally the remastered of Tomb Raider and Metro are necessary. Those two games were to ugly and clunky from the last gen.

user56695101670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Tomb raider didn't feature new physics. It just wasnt on last gen consoles. Metro will be a port from the PC version like tomb raider. That's why its not much of a big change in tlou ps4 port. The PC version of these always had high quality assets. That why they are still some of the best looking games.

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MrSwankSinatra1670d ago

If fallout 3/new vegas came out remastered for PS4 i'd be on that like a pack of hyenas. Hell a lot of RPG's i would love to see remastered on PS4.

parentoftheyear1670d ago

An article about remastered games pops up once a week.

I will sum it up.
People that already bought it: no. I will pay 30 dollars.
People that haven't. Yes it will be worth every penny.

theDivision1670d ago

Agreed. I didn't get to play TLOU so I would probably pay $60 for the ps4 version, where as if they made a next gen red dead redemption remastered I would probably only pay $30 max.

T21670d ago

I think these games will fall quickly in price, but maybe not. I'll wait till they are 30 ish

showtimefolks1670d ago

yes and here are some i want or some that have been confirmed/rumored:

The last of us
mass effect trilogy
castlevania lords of shadow collection
God of war 3 on PS4
Yakuza collection volume 1-2
Crash HD

thing is i want to play many of these because they will look and run better on next gen consoles

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Robochobo1671d ago

If it's worth it, yes. I bought the Scholarship Edition of Bully a few months ago because I didn't feel like buying a PS2 and copy of the original just to play it. It also helps that the Scholarship Edition comes with extra missions and classes too.

SonyStyled1670d ago

you have a good taste in games my friend. i had only played the original on ps2 and it is one of my favorite of all time

randomass1711671d ago

I like collections more than individual remasters to be honest. But I do like playing remasters of games I like, especially if I can get them cheap.

Concertoine1670d ago

I really don't like knowing that the $60 copy of a game i bought last year along with it's 15 dollars of DLC will be rendered obsolete by the $60 copy of it this year. It makes me feel kind of cheated. If it's like TLOZ: Windwaker HD where it comes after a decent bit of progression with graphics with new features and improvements over the original game, AND comes at a cheaper price? I'll bite.
HD collections (that dont suck like SH's did) for like 30-40 bucks are also okay.

GamingSinceThe80s1670d ago

No way I could feel cheated by TLOU it could been $100 and still a bargain. I Can't say the for most games though.This was the best modern game I ever played because of the story and atmosphere..So I will be getting this day one for sure.

Concertoine1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Good for you, i respect that opinion. Me though? I kind of liked when exclusive games went down with the ship, or in other words those games stayed with that system and forever remained associated with it. Like Shadow of the Colossus went from the PS2's absolute epitome of technical savvy and scale, to the crappy version of the up-res remake on PS3. Nowadays it's like exclusives are being robbed from their graves. What's happening with TLOU is the same thing, except it's happening only a year AFTER i payed full price for it.

TFJWM1670d ago

I understand that is your opinion but I don't get it. You enjoyed the game when you bought it right? Thought it was worth the 60 or 75 with DLC or why would you have bought it. You are paying to play it when it comes out, If you wait 6 months you can get almost any game for 1/2 off do you feel cheated because the price goes down? Also the original does not become obsolete you can still play it, its just not the best edition of it.

Concertoine1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Buying it on launch vs. 6 months later is a different bag entirely. I don't feel cheated as a customer when a price goes down because i made the gamble of buying a product when its price will be at its height. If the price is slashed a month later? Sucks for me. But buying Metro, Tomb Raider, and TLOU last gen, and all of the dlc and stuff... if i had known this new trend of upgrading year old games with some better effects and framerates was going to be a thing, you bet your ass i would've waited to experience those games in their prime form, and not spent 60 bucks on the lesser version and even more on the dlc included free in re-releases.

Also, as a collector, the value in my ps3 copy of TLOU is completely gone. 10 years from now, ps3 copies of TLOU will sell for peanuts while the superior in every way PS4 up-res will be the one people want.

Hope that gives you some insight.

TFJWM1670d ago

Ahh ok I didn't know you buy games to sell them later once their value goes up. I still have every game I ever bought(I don't even want to think about what my sega saturn collection would sell for). I do totally get your point and I am quite torn about TLoU remake, It was well worth the value and I only beat it the one time but ya paying another 60, Im just not happy about that but I don't feel cheated. Think about TLoU thou such an amazing story and ending if you had waited for the PS4 remake and saw some info of the ending would it have been worth it?

Concertoine1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

No, no, i dont sell my games either, in fact i collect them too. Im just saying the value in inferior versions of a game are generally worthless as collectors items years from now. Now to own the optimal version of the game (important to me as a collector) i already spent a bunch of money on, i have to spend more money. 60 bucks is not a big deal, i just find it a little sad that a game so associated with the ps3 is no longer exclusive to it.
Like the other day i was in a game store and i saw Max Paybe for 3 bucks on ps2 so i thought it was a sweet deal. Then i realized it was that cheap because the framerate and loading times were horrible, and the xbox version went for a good 15 bucks in the same store.
And nah, i have my ways of avoiding spoilers ;) only thing that got spoiled to me was the thing in the dlc... but i didnt really care about that spoiler.

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jay21671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

I personally don't want them, I own all 3 current ones and they're more expensive over here but like £10-15. And I'd buy any I was interested in anyway already on PS3.

AceBlazer131671d ago

If it's a game I played already, I skip it.
If I never played it, I get it.

Except if if the game was so amazing that I just have to get it again. For example, Kingdom Hearts, I played that game who knows how many times, even had it running on PC. I still got the HD remix for PS3 and I'm getting 2.5 HD. Frankly I'll buy it a 3rd time if they release it on PS4, some games are that amazing, worth your repeated support. Last of Us falls in here.

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