Release Date And Platforms Unveiled For WWE 2K15

2K Sports posted on their WWE 2K Twitter account today, finally confirming the platforms and the release date for the next title in the WWE 2K series.

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ELpork1462d ago

So much for taken a year off ehh?

nevin11462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

No handhelds?

OwnageDC6501462d ago

I wish they would concentrate on current gen consoles only...

KonsoruMasuta1461d ago

They're trying to sell as many copies as they can. The current gen install base is too small.

Mikethejew1461d ago

i'll wait till I hear great things from a wrestling game, "no mercy" was the pinnacle in my opinion and the only other game that came close was on a the gamecube. I hate the arcade like wrestling games that seem to be the norm.

Moe-Gunz1461d ago

Here Comes the Pain and SvR 2006 says hello.

cogniveritas1461d ago

Yeah, I remember the "No Mercy" glory days but they are long gone. Even the most recent title 2K14 lets you tweak the settings for finishers, damage, stamina..etc, until it feels as much like as simulator as you want it to be. And the creation modes have long blown away the n64 days.

XisThatKid1461d ago

I know I'm a minority but I didn't like the 64 games honestly they were slow and the character models were funny looking. I see why everyone else liked them though, they just weren't for me and I detested having characters I spent hours creating deleted for no good reason.

curtis921461d ago

" I hate the arcade like wrestling games that seem to be the norm."

Obviously you haven't been playing wrestling games in a while. IF ANYTHING they're more sim now then ever. Almost to a fault.

Mikethejew1461d ago

last one I played was the one with cm punk on the cover 2013, I think. I had it after hitting a finisher like randy ortons and the guy gets up before I do.

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