Watch Dogs Leaked Opening

The following footage that's showcased is the leaked opening from the major upcoming release Watch Dogs. Here's a quick look at the Xbox 360 version running at 720p 30 fps. Does it get you excited to jump in the world of Watch Dogs even more than before?

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DLConspiracy1552d ago

Nice, the voice acting is pretty spot on. Seems like it may be a pretty damn good story.

bienio1552d ago

Dont care!! Im not gonna watch that 27/5/21014 its on the way:) 5days left!! Yeahhh:)

CapellPro851552d ago

With you dude. I'm not watching anything. Want to be surprised

CrashJones1552d ago

Totally waiting. Only a few more days! :)

sander97021552d ago

With all these leaks there soon won't be anything left to discover when we actually get the game!

renerak1552d ago

The entire game for xbox360 is leaked on torrents.

mogwaii1552d ago

If only the gameplay looked like that, perhaps by part 3

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