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PS4Home: "The detailed graphics, engaging storyline, deep narrative and dialogue, the personalized game play and the level of difficulty has made this a truly engaging and challenging game for players."

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Sly-Lupin1340d ago

Is it really that good? I haven't played a Wolfenstein game since the first one, decades ago. And TBH, the only shooter in years that didn't bore me to tears was Borderlands 2.

SuperBlunt1340d ago

This game is worth it imo. Play it on uber and fall in love lol

Summons751340d ago

definitely is, the gun play is smooth and fun, the story is really well written, the levels are big enough for exploration and to miss the collectables but small enough to not lose track of where you're going, and the skill trees are really well thought out.

If you can I would suggest checking it out, maybe a mid-level section to reduce spoilers in case you do end up liking it.

Sly-Lupin1340d ago

Thanks, I'll have to try and remember to check it out when I have time for a new game. Gotta finish up KOTOR2 first, though. Hopefully I'll have a window to play it before Divinity: Original Sin comes out in July.

Snappy1340d ago

This game to me currently at chapter 12 is the dogs balls. Much better than I thought it would be 9/10.

Azumi1340d ago

Is "dogs balls" good or bad???

PSG4MER1337d ago

Very cool game. I recommend it.