Watch Dogs on Xbox 360: 40 Minutes of Gameplay and Pictures Aplenty Leaked; Spider Tank Included

You’ve seen Watch_Dogs on almost every console by now, and finally you get to see the Xbox 360 version, thanks to a leaked retail copy that has been livestreamed online.

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Software_Lover1431d ago

I honestly think I have gotten too used to playing on PC because these ps3/360 games have been looking stuttery to me for the past 2 years now.

Granted I still play on the platforms, its just finally started to get on my nerves, lol.

_sleeves1431d ago

Have to take into account that the footage is via an online stream, but I get where you're coming from.

1431d ago
ProjectVulcan1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

It's gotta be the video encoding surely? Terrible videos. It seems to run like 20FPS all the time, much worse than GTA4. It can't run like that finished.

I'm looking forward to seeing how all the platforms stack up and if the older consoles give a good experience.

Metallox1431d ago

The majority of Ubisoft games released on Wii U have framerate problems, but yet they launched them with those issues.

camel_toad1431d ago

Ha try going from any one of the current pc games at 60+ fps to playing edf on a console split-screen. I love the game as bad as it is but boy the frame rate can get nauseating.

Gamer19821430d ago

Its released all over pirate sites for 360 right now so anybody with a modded console can get hold of this game. So all these leaked vids are from pirates. Take that how you will.

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Bathyj1431d ago

6 legs. Not a spider. It's an ant tank.

dooge1431d ago

Gameplay over graphics fellas...I think the game looks fine by the way.

Software_Lover1431d ago

I agree. For the ps3/360 gen with 512mb they did a great job.

starchild1431d ago

Graphically it actually looks pretty damn good for such ancient consoles, but the aliasing and screentearing is hard to bear for me since I am used to playing on PC.

lfc_4eva1431d ago

Ah man. I've just been sick.

kewlkat0071431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

I forgot this game was coming to last gen.. Sometimes i wonder why we bought nextgen consoles so early..

They Must be maxing out these console by now..looking good.

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The story is too old to be commented.