Nintendo Needs a Big E3 To Jump Start The Wii U

Hardcore Gamer: At this point there is almost no chance of the Wii U “winning” this generation, but it's not too late for it to at least be a moderate success. If the Wii U's fortunes are to improve, this E3 is crucial for Nintendo.

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ValKilmer1641d ago

Nintendo needs 5 E3s to jump start the Wii U.

MNGamer-N1641d ago

Why troll your own article? LOL

1641d ago
ValKilmer1641d ago

First of all, not a troll comment -- the truth. Considering how far behind they are and that they've yet again let a presser slip out of their reach, they need to catch up serious ground.

Secondly, just because I post an article on N4G doesn't mean I agree with it. In fact, I want to be first to disagree with it and make the world know it.

MNGamer-N1641d ago

So an "Opinion" piece is "The Truth" now huh? and you feel so strongly that you have to be the first to comment a trollish statement on it? OK then. Why am I even feeding it, I don't know.

randomass1711641d ago

@ValKilmer If you're not a troll, you're doing a very bad job of conveying it.

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Metallox1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

"First of all, not a troll comment -- the truth".

For me, it sounds like a real bad joke,and you didn't even mention why does Nintendo need 5 E3s to jump start the Wii U. And I know why you said that: because the announcements for the console are so slow that Nintendo would need 5 E3s in order to do a decent presentation. That at least theorically.

But if you say Nintendo needs 5 E3s to jump start the Wii U without any argument, you get what you deserve, so don't complain.

kewlkat0071641d ago

I swear you people crack me up... Lol

showtimefolks1641d ago

Nintendo needs a lot of things to even have a chance at turning around wii-u. I see it as Nintendo will see how next 12-18 months go. If wiiu keeps selling at this pace than introduce a new console next fall which is on par if not a little bit better than xbox one and ps4.

Nintendo needs to get in touch with 3rd party publishers and see what's going on. They need to repair their relationships with 3rd party publishers. They should also spend some money on helping fund 3rd party games even if they are not exclusive just to show they are interested in 3rd party support

if i was running Nintendo this is what i do at this E3:

show playable demo of next Zelda
show next Metriod
Super smash Bros

announce a new wiiu bundle for $249 that comes with 3 games plus a pro controller. They really have to entice gamers like me to spend $25-300 on a console where i am only interested in its exclusives offerings

new super mario bros
zelda HD
Donkey Kong or Pikmin 3
pro controller

krazykombatant1641d ago

Introducing a new console would simply be murder. You don't abandon the install of 6.7 million adopters.

Umm next metroid won't be showed (Hopefully because it's been started on).

Next Zelda game was ready at last years E3 but nintendo decided against it and there is something about smash bros for like at least once a month.

You're joking I hope about the $249, IDIOTIC, 3 free games plus a pro controller???? They're running a business not a charity shop.

showtimefolks1641d ago


well i know they are not running a charity but they have to do something really big for some of the attention to be back on wiiu. They have given up on wiiu IMO, its the only reason to now even show up on stage to compete with ps4 or xbox one

6.7 million in how many years again? why can't they bundle 3 launch titles with wiiu for $249? Pro controller is the actual bonus

otherwise wiiu will stay a very distant 3rd now that xbox one is even $399. Come this fall wiiu will become even more forgotten device when both sony and ms will surly release some big blockbusters along with great AAA 3rd party titles not coming to wiiu

wiiu was a mistake from day one
wiiu is an confusing name
people aren't sure if its a new console or an add on

randomass1711641d ago

Even with 6 million users alone, many of which are Nintendo fans as software sales would suggest, they can still make a lot from software sales. And besides, in spite of low hardware sales the system could still wind up ultimately gaining momentum and pulling GCN numbers or even N64.

thehobbyist1641d ago

"The truth"
It's not truth unless you have quantifiable data that can be replicated multiple times with the same result. Which I highly doubt you can provide.

Realplaya1641d ago

Dude when did they ay that was their presser?

XXXL1640d ago

I liked you better when you were acting in homoerotic volleyball scenes and not writing articles

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NYC_Gamer1641d ago

E3 will have some huge reveals for the many fans of Nintendo first party software..I don't know if Ninty could steal away some of the PS4 and X1 crowd though.

DC7771641d ago

But boredom could.

If N releases Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Dragon Quest in the west, Smash, X, Sonic Boom, the new Zelda after MK8 and continues the MK8 type of advertising of late, all in this year, they could get on a serious roll. But they have to keep getting the word out and ensure they get all these games out in this year as they have suggested they will.

If they did that, with the others basically releasing nothing after Watch Dogs until Batman/Destiny and then MAYBE Halo/Uncharted, they could definitely pick up the pace.

But you have to get out there and push your product.

randomass1711641d ago

Nintendo could stand to learn a little from Sony. Don't down vote me just yet, just read the whole thing. Nintendo didn't really maintain a lot of Wii U's initial momentum. If they can get more units selling at a time through holiday releases, then they need to keep a steady stream of content rolling, just as you describe. Sony's been pretty good at maintaining momentum. Look at the PS4 in the west and Vita in Japan. If Nintendo operates on the right opportunity, they can turn Wii U around and make it sell a lot more. Maybe not even in the same numbers as its competition, but much more than what it's pushing now.

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incendy351641d ago

If they release a new Zelda and Metroid, I will buy one. But I don't think it will be enough to save the Wii U. Most of the younger generation just doesn't care about Nintendo games, which is sad.

Sly-Lupin1641d ago

I'm only gonna let my kids play SNES games.

kneon1641d ago

That's their problem right there. There just aren't enough people that care enough about Nintendo exclusives to bother buying a Wii U.

And if you don't care about their exclusives then there is no reason to buy a Wii U as the multi-plats on Wii U will be fewer and inferior to those on XB1 and PS4.

wonderfulmonkeyman1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

"Fewer", yes.
I don't think so.
Okay, I'll clarify; Not in ALL cases.
In quite a few, yes, but that's because third parties don't know what the hell they're doing on the Wii U, to make us want the games, as a general rule.
They almost always find some way of messing up their shots at making multiplats attractive on the Wii U because they don't do jack with the game pad, or they don't optimize the game correctly, or they skip on adding content or put out bigger collections at the same time on other systems.[Mass Effect 3, remember?]

There are a few glowing exceptions, though.

Deus Ex Director's Cut plays better on Wii U than anywhere else due to the conveniences of the Game Pad, so does Rayman Legends, and unless Ubisoft completely screws over the Wii U fanbase by not including certain features in Watch Dogs, that game pad is certain to give players much more control and accessibility to Aiden's hacking and combat capabilities than any other standard packed-in-all-console-bundles controller on the market can emulate, meaning better gameplay overall despite the graphics being a slight step lower.

Also, you're forgetting third party exclusives; those are awesome on the Wii U and are more than valid as reasons to own the console.

RPGrinder1641d ago

Wii U will be just fine, and Nintendo should have a killer E3

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