Next Dragon Quest Won’t Be a Smartphone Game: Thank Goodness

Square Enix has been focusing a lot on smartphone development lately, and quite a few Dragon Quest ended up on smart devices. Thankfully according to the series’ creator Yuji Horii, this won’t be the case with the next chapter of the series.

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3-4-51639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )


* Dragon Quest 11 = 3DS or PS4. Most likely 3DS.

Wii U would also be a good fit for it as well, because when you go Art Style > Realism, on a Nintendo system, it usually looks very appealing.

gear1638d ago

And play it on emulator BOOOM!!!

adorie1639d ago

Yeah. Console is too much for SE now-at-days.

Lucreto1639d ago

It will be 3DS but I am holding out hope for PS4. A Japanese gaming magazine held a poll asking which platform they wanted the next Dragon Quest game on. PS4 was the popular choice.

Ultraplayerxp1639d ago

... Because it'll be a tablet game. Boom!

Sly-Lupin1639d ago

Not that it matters, because SE won't bother to localize it.

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The story is too old to be commented.