Microsoft's E3 Press Conference Could Be Huge

This article talks about why there's a good chance Microsoft's E3 conference will be massive.

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MorePowerOfGreen1665d ago

I have a feeling there will be some sort of dynamic interactivity that will be just as exciting as the content(until those games come out of course)

AngelicIceDiamond1665d ago

The only thing I'm worried about is what if Phil unloads everything at the show and leaving next E3 somewhat empty?

No MS needs to show everything they've got this E3. I'll speculate about E3 2015 when the time comes but right now MS needs to unload everything they can.

insomnium21665d ago

I wouldn't hold my breath about MS and their E3. Ever since the Kinect was first revealed sometimes in 2008-2009ish their E3 has been s*it and I'm not even going to start with E3 2013.

This E3 will show how much MS truly wants their fans back. Even though I personally think MS will make a big push for gamers this year their track record about keeping up the support is grimm to say the least. The x360 had games for 2 years and after that there was Kinect and nothing more.

ZodTheRipper1665d ago

Every conference will be interesting, this is the E3 that will reveal most of the nextgen only games yet. I'm expecting the least from MS though, they're not known for mindblowing presentations.

AngelicIceDiamond1665d ago

@ZOD "I'm expecting the least from MS though, they're not known for mindblowing presentations."

Sounds like you must of started watching MS E3 at around Kinect was around because before then MS had some serious great E3's.

If MS E3 2014 resembled 2005, 6, 7, 8, 9's E3 conferences any year before Kinect took over then you'll be in for a treat.

Automatic791665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

@ Angelicice

With all recent news out the way I expect MS E3 to be strong. As far as next year lets worry about that when we get there.

Darkstares1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Even if Microsoft had a perfect show and it was all about games with decent surprises you will still not make everyone happy. It is in the best interest for certain individuals like insomnium to keep the negativity alive and well because that is their mandate. To take away any positive attention and to talk very minimal about the actual games.

It really is flabbergasting how certain individuals are unable to simply move on. We all know Microsoft has made many mistakes. We also know exclusive content seemed to dwindle on previous XBOX systems late in the cycle (and the X360 had good games much longer than 2 years but again some want to exaggerate to try and get their point across). We also know Microsoft changed direction when Kinect was introduced.

But at the end of the day it really does come down to content and what the hardware provides. We have seen the PS3 last generation grow into itself and become a great product with good value. Now this generation we are starting to see Microsoft correct some mistakes with the XBOX One but again you have individuals who will never be happy no matter what they do. It's no longer about getting any point across but more often than not just about getting attention. And after E3 we will not see much difference in the attitudes no matter how great E3 is, you'll see.

insomnium21664d ago


You can't change your principles over night. Changing your "this is what we stand for" like that is nothing but money talking. MS ignored every gamer from the initial reveal up untill the pre-order numbers came in.

I have never ever heard of a company that goes against their own word this much. That goes against their own promises no less. There is no telling what they backtrack next. How can anyone trust them?

About their E3s. Please tell me why should people get excited about their E3. What has happened in recent E3s that would lead to this conclusion? And like I said even though they will most likely have games up the *ss this E3 there is no way to know how long that will last. Their track record is grimm on that aspect like I said.

My attitude will chage once they have say 5 years of good games under their belt. Great new AAA ips every year by the bucketloads like Sony has. That, however has been too much to ask in recent years. Ever since 2008 iirc.

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Magicite1664d ago

considering current poor state of their xbox hardware sales, they better have it huge.

LGM3131665d ago

I think they will say that the xbox one will be able to make it rain, the power of the cloudssss.

GoPanthers9991665d ago

After the debacle last year, I'd say yes, MS is going to bring the heat this year.

Mrtemper1665d ago

Other then the shenanigans Sony pulled( the PS4 was meant to be always online) Microsoft's show was great!

DragonKnight1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

"the PS4 was meant to be always online."

Can you prove that, or are you one of those people that insist that Sony made a last minute decision to remove the same kind of DRM that Microsoft had, completely ignoring how months earlier they said multiple times that there wasn't any DRM and ignoring business law?

EDIT @ below: So conjecture and opinion is your version of proof? Ok, so no proof then. Thanks for the clarification.

marlinfan101665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )


the ps4 is still meant to always be online, its just not required. they've got a share button right on the controller for Christ sake. the future of gaming will be online so it'd be stupid of sony not to be prepared for it. just look at the games, a lot of them are gonna require you to be online in the next couple years.

Benchm4rk1665d ago


Its not really hard to find.....unless you didnt want to find it that is.

Gozer1665d ago

They actually had a better show of games last year than sony , then it was all overshadowed by sonys press conference. This is MS chance to impress at E3.

1665d ago
Automatic791665d ago

I keep hearing the words debacle and MS losing last year. There E3 was the best. The only way you could appreciate it was if you put the politics aside and focused on what matters games.

Mystogan1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

I feel like this is gonna be an E3 to remember. Where Microsoft murders Sony.

The signs are everywhere.

Kinectless Xbox SKU announced.
Xbox Live changed so that HBO and Netflix won't require Gold sub.
Sunset Overdrive Gameplay.
Halo 5 release date announced.

All these huge announcements happened just THIS month a few weeks before E3.

This can only mean that they will have a huge E3.

DragonKnight1665d ago

So what do you know about Sony's E3 presentation?

Mystogan1665d ago

I know they are in financial trouble. And have been strangely quiet about E3 and there's just about 2 weeks left.

DragonKnight1665d ago

So what you know is either irrelevant, or nothing at all. Yeah, that's pretty much what I was expecting.

Afterall, when you have nothing relevant to say, just say "Sony is in financial trouble." That'll learn dem Sony Ponies right?

DigitalHope1665d ago

@mystogan so you know exactly nothing. Just stop.

LOGICWINS1665d ago

Here's the thing. Sony's EXPECTED to have a good always. MS' conference is more anticipated because everyones wondering what they have up their sleeves.

We already know it will be big for the simple fact that they don't have any other choice.

Ashlen1665d ago


More anticipated... I dunno Sony has 3-4 million more people anticipating there show than MS does.

Automatic791665d ago

@ dragonknight

Getting a taste of your own medicine now you all of sudden you sensitive. Cry me a river.

Note: In case you don't know what I am talking about read Mystogan response to you.

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colonel1791665d ago

All these huge announcement happened just THIS month a few weeks before E3.

Sony one time made a few announcements before E3, making everyone anticipate E3 even more, just to be disappointed because Sony only renounced everything at the conference.

I think it was 2 o 3 years ago.

Maybe Microsoft is announcing E3 as their strategy to hook up people to E3. Not because they have even more things to announce.

However, though, I do feel like Microsoft will have a great E3, and I am just expecting to be blown away by the big three. They all will have great announcements for sure.

ger23961665d ago

So it morphed into a ps4?

aceitman1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

so signs of announcements predicts ms is going to murder sony at e3,
kinectless xbox = sony did it.
xbox live change so that hbo and Netflix wont( and it was always a big deal that it was that way on sony platforms) require gold sub. = sony did it
halo 5 expected it. it was announced last e3
sunset overdrive was also announced .
and just like sony did the last few E3's had big announcements before E3 but got bashed for doing it and not saving it for E3, but look who is doing it now and look who is not. how the tables turned . but what makes anyone think sony will just throw in the towel at E3 and let ms try to take it , it will be one of the biggest E3 shows and the gloves are off . while im sure ms will come with games the question is are they coming this year are they really being showed off on X1 hardware. and this is where ms has lost some gamers faith , showing one thing and coming out with something different .

christocolus1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

“while im sure ms will come with games the question is are they coming this year are they really being showed off on X1 hardware.”


So all sonys games @e3 last year were shown off on ps4 dev kits? Or are you just pointing fingers only at MS? I think you should hit that link below.

And are you telling me all the games sony will show at E3 will be released this year?cos its rumored god of war4 and uncharted4 will be making appearances and they aint coming out this year either.

aceitman1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

@christocolus theres a difference between high end pcs and dev kits. and it has been stated some x1 games where on high end pcs.
read its all there and im sure u remember it too.
ryse and F5 show the difference .
and to all the disagrees I only speak the truth and I have proof to back up my reply . now show me proof that this didn't happen.
and @christoclus the games running on pc where third party games running on both(need for speed and battlefield 4 where the 2 )ps4 and X1, but the ps4 exclusives where on devkits but dead rising 3 , ryse, and F5 all where on pcs with higher specs.

christocolus1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )


You don't have to give me 10 sites to prove your point. I provided you with just one to prove mine.High end pcs are still pcs and both consoles had some of their games running on pcs at e3 last year, stop trying to make it seem like ms was the only one doing it. Read the link I provided,it has quotes from various journalists stating that both consoles clearly had games running on pc hardware, some also saw dead rising3 and others running on xbox dev kits at the show.

Don't make excuses for sony alone, if you are going to downplay it in the case of sony/ps4 then do same for ms/xbox one.

nucky641665d ago

a game company quiet BEFORE E3??....what a surprise....S

its_JEFF1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

@Mystogan You, KNWS, George, and LifeIsGamesOk should start a MS/Xbox CULT. I have never once seen any of you criticize/question anything that Xbox as every done. You guys are basically mindless drones.

"All these huge announcements happened just THIS month a few weeks before E3. This can only mean that they will have a huge E3"

Yea, it can ONLY mean that they will have a huge E3. And Sony staying quite can ONLY mean that they don't have anything to show. That's the ONLY things it could mean... the ONLY.

Belasco1665d ago

It's exciting and all but "murder" is overstating it a bit, I believe they will be competitive.

Rimeskeem1665d ago

So you think that all the Sony studios are just like

"yah we dont make games anymore or anything"

Sony has the most games to announce and show still. And Naughty Dog murders all MS studios.

torchic1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Sony announced Project Morpheus and PSNow before E3. those are massive announcements, bigger than anything Microsoft has announced in the past 6 months, and bigger than anything Microsoft will announce at E3 so I'm not quite sure what more you want?

Microsoft seem as though they'll have a good E3 but people are way overhyping it. won't be as good as the Microsft Cult are claiming

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