Level-Start 13: Can Halo 5 Deliver The Goods?

"Today on Level-Start, We Get an exclusive look Behind the scenes at Play Legit’s Rap Cypher 2.0. Halo 5 has a name, but does it have game? All this and more inside." -Play Legit

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TheRealHeisenberg1672d ago

Halo has always delivered. Why should I think it will stop with Halo 5?

Shadonic1672d ago

Halo 4 fell short on MP and some other things and having a lasting effect and was dropped very quickly by the community.

showtimefolks1672d ago

yes and no, halo 4 was over hyped and reviewed well but didn't sell like a halo game. 343 are doing the right thing by releasing it fall 2015. take the time and deliver the goods or they can tarnish the Halo brand and its fans

darren_poolies1672d ago

Based on Halo 4 I'd have to say no.

TheBurger291672d ago

much longer and better campaign. and dont even get me started on the mp