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"Our review of Dynasty Warriors 8 XL Complete Edition, which has a lot of content but can often feel very repetitive and boring."

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Festano1640d ago

A good title, interesting modes it offers.

Alexious1640d ago

I always found this series to be completely boring.

boskoz1640d ago

Yeah, can't agree more!

kreate1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

I absolutely love dynasty warriors.

some ppl just won't get it.
like Michael pachter never gets final fantasy.

DragonKnight1640d ago

"has a lot of content but can often feel very repetitive and boring."

Do you know how many Dynasty Warriors reviews I've seen with this exact criticism? All of them since Dynasty Warriors 3. You reviewers need to actually stop reviewing this series entirely. Why? Because you've yet to understand that this series fulfills a very specific purpose for a very specific group.

When Dynasty Warriors 9 comes out, I can literally take the quoted sentence and have it represent nearly all reviews about the game, save for few who are done by fans of the series and genre like Jim Sterling.

Canary1640d ago

No, that's a valid complaint, even ignoring the rest of the franchise.

It's because the games have so much content. You can spend a hundred hours with any given musou game and barely clear 50% of its content--which means to "finish" a game you have to play it A LOT, and that makes the deficiencies more evident (repetitive combat, poor AI, shallow pre-scripted battles, etc.)

If the game only had a dozen different stages and only a single story mode, few people would criticize it for being repetitive because, like most AAA games, they'd be able to finish everything after 4-6 hours--long before the gameplay would start to feel stale.

Clogmaster1640d ago

I'm confused though about how it gets repetitive, the roster has 82 playable characters. And each character plays quite differently, with some very very unique characters.

Weapons are customizable where you can attach 6 abilities out of a large variety, and you also get to equip your own character with 4 skills, 3 bodyguards (any character even NPCs), and an animal partner (decent variety). So there's quite a lot to play with!

The AI still sucks, and the difficulty only means higher damage, so that still sucks. And it doesn't fun at a constant 60fps.


DragonKnight1640d ago

It ceases to become a valid complaint when you hear it about literally every single game in the series. At that point you just have to accept that the game caters to a specific group of people. Also, given how the games have been as of late, you don't play the entire game with just one character, so to say that it would take you hundreds of hours to complete it assumes that you care about maxing every characters stat and getting every weapon.

In that sense, tons of games fall under boring and repetitive. The hardcore fans of the series (of which I count myself among them) love it enough to complete it that much and don't find it boring and repetitive. What would you say to those people? That it actually is boring and repetitive but they just don't know it?

I have a person on my PSN list that plays nothing but DW games. Every single day, even after fully completing everything, it's just DW over and over. He never tires of it. Tell him that the game is boring and repetitive.

Canary1640d ago

@D-Du: I think you're focusing on the wrong thing. It's not the combat per se that gets repetitive, but rather the battles--especially with the more recent games--due to the missions being heavily scripted and the AI being incredibly bad. This makes the gameplay very passive--which is a TERRIBLE thing for any interactive media to be.

I think the line between people who love and hate musou games is very narrow: those of us who love 'em, love 'em because we can see the potential they have to be awesome, and see how the series gets incrementally closer to realizing that potential with each new game. Whereas those that hate the games seem to do so out of frustration that its taking so long to realize that potential.

The Japanese gaming industry is much more iterative than the Western industry, so change is always very slow in coming.

@DragonKnight: you missed my point entirely. Other games don't compare because other games don't offer 100 hours of content. It's the sheer amount of content that makes the games feel repetitive--the "other" games don't feel as repetitive because they don't have as much content.


My own, personal thoughts on DW8 is that it is the best DW game to date, which is pretty much what I've thought about every new game.I'd give the Vita/PS3 version a good 8/10 and the PS4 a 6/10 for the atrociously ugly Depth of Field THAT THEY STILL HAVEN'T PATCHED!!!!

Clogmaster1638d ago

I see what you're saying now. This series does feel like they have an EA backroom treasure chest with a ton of ideas where they only add 1 extra thing each year, and save the other stuff for the following iteration. It sickens me that they just don't go all out with each iteration.

What's worse is how they seem to always manage to take steps backwards in areas for each entry. Such a dumb company.

And why is there no PR contact for the west?

Canary1638d ago

Lack of PR contact for the West is usually the result of being a company based in Japan, oriented toward the Japanese market.

Same reason why only Japanese games from monolithic publishers (Square Enix) can afford to advertise overseas.

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