7 Things We Want To See In Halo 5: Guardians

WGTC writes: "Xbox One allows us to do things we've never done before." These are the words of Bonnie Ross - general manager of current Halo-making people 343 Industries - and they're blindingly obvious. Of course advanced technology will let you do more advanced stuff, but just what that stuff is is likely to be a mystery for quite a while yet. We can safely assume it means the game will have a brand new engine, and subsequently look divine, but who cares about that? Okay, fine... everyone. But Halo 5: Guardians is still going to need a whole bunch more to keep the franchise interesting.

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Shadonic1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Competitive balanced and addictive multiplayer. No more of that " Making it easier for new players " Crap I can understand showing them and teaching them but changing ALMOST EVERYTHING that made Halo Halo in MP to something that resembled COD is counter productive. It was a dumb as the whole MaCDonald's trying to sell fried chicken thing or KFC making Pizza. It's like having Bob's burgers selling only pizza but they have the option of pizza with bits of burgers added in.

Illusive_Man1639d ago

Specific examples please otherwise I call BS.

Shadonic1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

343 wanted to push for bringing in new players heavily like extremely heavily in the trailers and it shows in the gameplay. Ordinance is basically the Halo 4 version of care packages which lead to on map weapons being a bit useless and un-needed when you could easily just get 3 kills / assists and get an easy weapon drop from the unbalanced ordinance system. I could go and pick up the on map sniper but jimmy over here got 3 kills and got the 1 shot 1 kill Promethean sniper. Then theres the class system, I know people bring up the being able to have what you want argument and all of that but come on were trying to have a competitive and challenging game here a lot of the perks they came up with just seemed like either the basic Rehash we see in 99% of FPS games or stuff they pulled out just to be there and new like the latest one that automatically kicks you out of a vehicle before it explodes, Come on next they'll add in a perk that automatically does 360 no scopes on the last person that shot you when your health is low. All i'm asking is for them not to hold new players hands like their babies when it comes to Halo, they can learn give them a challenge draw them in with the fun and challenging experience not with the pretty armor or decals.

nigelp5201639d ago

Great List. Bring back Arbiter though

Illusive_Man1639d ago

I want to see more of Blue Team in Halo 5: Linda, Kelly, Fred, etc. More Librarian, Halsey, more Ur-Didact, Bornstellar, 343 Guilty Spark (Chakas), etc. Basically even more lore and story.