Watch Dogs Available For Pre-Download On PS4 In Europe, Will North America Skip Out Again?

MP1st - Despite both Sony and Ubisoft stating that Watch Dogs would not be available for pre-download, it seems that with the game is indeed available for pre-download over in Europe.

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Neonridr1338d ago

Well seeing how well the Day 1 Digital worked for MLB 14 The Show I am very worried how the Watch Dogs launch will go here in NA. That was a complete clusterfu*k. It took Sony 12 hours before they even recognized they had a problem, and it was midday before the issue was resolved.

I really hope everything goes smoothly for Watch Dogs. I will be buying a physical copy anyways, I prefer to have the option to trade it in afterwards for money.

mark3214uk1338d ago

well they havnt got to worry about game info leaking from the pre this time,as the game has already been leaked

Lightning Mr Bubbles1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Pre download? You can do that? I hate having to wait till release day to download my game, while I should already be playing it. That sucks.

I prefer disc, doesn't take you're HDD space and you can trade the game in later. $$$

Transporter471338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

actually both XOne and PS4 the disc fully installs in the hard drive, but you need the disc to play it regardless.

ceooflhm1338d ago

It's still gonna take 20 gigs of hard drive space whether you have the disc or not.

KwietStorm1338d ago

MLB wasn't the first Day 1 digital game, and it won't be the last. Preloading is a whole other story.

Jeff2571338d ago

MLB 14 The Show launch may not have gone that well. But inFamous Second Son was also a day one digital title and it downloaded fine when it released at 3am ESt. I had been hoping it would released at 12 EST but I unfortunately had to wait the extra three hours to play it but it was worth it.

Rickgrimes951338d ago

Same here idk why they won't let us download at 12 a.m on east coast

JetsFool35001338d ago

Thats one game wolfenstein & infamous were both available at 12:30 so it could go either way

bloop1338d ago

Anyone know if it's worth getting the Deluxe edition?? Is there much more content?? €80 is a lot of frickin money for a download!! Man, this gaming shenanigans is getting expensive.

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rodiabloalmeida1338d ago

PSN EU usually have the preload option for big titles, and PSN US don't. It's normal. GTA V was like this, for example.

Nitrowolf21338d ago

I think GTA 5 was the only title to take advantage of the pre-download option lol. Not sure, but I believe thats the only title that had it. Sony needs to get on this sh1t though if they want to make digital more appealing.

BG115791338d ago

Why not? According to the money trade, games are more expensive in Europe than in the US (£ and € are worth more than $). So they diserve to have a little bit better service than the US, don't?

xActionBasturdx1338d ago

I need this is my life...i already got it preordered digitally...but either way it wont matter cause i gotta work anyway >_<

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