Custom Fallout PlayStation 4 Painted Inside Out Is Jaw Droppingly Awesome

"That's a look any Fallout fan would void his or her warranty for."

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majiebeast1372d ago

Paint job looks a bit uneven.

choujij1372d ago

Your face looks a bit uneven. =P

Lightning Mr Bubbles1372d ago


Fallout 4 (PS4)

Day 1 for me, no brainer.

Pre-ordered even, midnight release, in line, I will be there.

jriquelme_paraguay1372d ago

the paint is fine, maybe not 100% but, i take a bad picture. Sorry

majiebeast1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

You can see the PS4 logo on the front, that would bother me so bad. I think if you did the PS4 logo in yellow it would actually look better IMO.

Dustinf111372d ago

Is this your ps4? Awesome job if so. What was used to get the paint to stick, steel wool or like acetone/rubbing alcohol?

CrowbaitBob1372d ago

I can't help but feel like your opinion would be worth alot more in a woodworking discussion.

3-4-51372d ago

Looks good.

Nobody else has that.

Back-to-Back1372d ago

Why would someone want a fallout skin when that was a last gen title?

CrowbaitBob1372d ago

Cretin! Fallout is timeless.

adorie1372d ago

Fallout will appear on this-gen. It's just a question of When?

Porcelain_Chicken1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

aaaaah how f**king dare you!!! Fallout is a gem! And it should be treated as such. xD

I'm gonna try this with my Ps4. I already painted my door to look like a Nuka-cola machine. This'll complete the look! xD Nice job btw!

KinjoTakemura1372d ago

The Fallout series is one of the best game franchises out on PS3. You must be a noob.

kingPoS1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Art, decals, whatever... it looks sic!

Gateway MT6706 2008

MRMagoo1231372d ago


I will correct that for you "fallout is one of the most bug infested franchises on the ps3"

vickers5001372d ago


....if you buy the game of the year editions of those games. The vanilla versions of both games are fine. Platinum'd both Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Fallout 3 maybe crashed 4 or 5 times in the time I spent on platting it, only getting bad when I finished more than 2 of the DLC, while new vegas only crashed 3 or 4 times while platting it (bought the vanilla version).

It's the DLC that makes those games a bug ridden mess, otherwise it works pretty well. And even without the DLC, there's more content to be had in both fallout games than the majority of games out today.

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Audiggity1372d ago


Best profile image on N4G... ever.

VforVideogames1372d ago

your comment is uneven :( and the console is jaw droppingy ugly.

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HRoach6161372d ago

Someone please make this a vinyl for the PS4. I'd def buy one

KwietStorm1372d ago

That thing is pristine. Should do a pipboy themed controller.

Chespin1372d ago

Looks kinda ugly to be honest.

Detoxx1372d ago

Not for a Fallout fan.

LAWSON721372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

I love Fallout and Fallout theme stuff. Blue and Yellow however do not go to together IMO. Perhaps it would have been better with less emphasis on yellow. Dont get me wrong it looks solid and the painter did a great job. Maybe a dirty look would have made it work better or perhaps a tad whiter blue or yellow, or perhaps maybe even darker with a lighter yellow

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