Fair Warning: If You Force Me to Go Online, I Will Quit

Gamers should be given a choice: If they want to stay offline in a single-player campaign, they shouldn't be penalized in any way for doing so.

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D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771664d ago

Who cares if this guy quit? i don't!

CapellPro851664d ago

Do people come out with this stuff for attention. You only get penalised online. Your SP gets left alone.

So I would say yeah gamers get a choice. You can have it off or on.

Why not do this. Go through the story do what you want in SP. Then when your ready turn on MP.

There you go ain't rocket science. You get left alone the whole time your in SP and you don't lose any MP points/skills who have acquired.


psych1664d ago

You will not be missed.

stavrami-mk21664d ago

You won't be penalised. As the punishment is towards your online leveling which obviously makes no difference if u don't want to be online

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