Microsoft is already thinking about the design of the next Xbox

The Xbox One may be only just out the door, but senior principal industrial design manager Carl Ledbetter and his team are already pondering the possible form of its successor.

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XiSasukeUchiha1639d ago

So the PS5 and Xbox 1 successor is in development, I can't wait for next-gen....Believe it!

I_am_Batman1639d ago

Some people are so excited about the future that they forget to enjoy the present.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1639d ago

Duh,, I bet you Sony is doing the same.

I_am_Batman1639d ago

@Lightning: I was talking about the gamers not the companies.
Obviously neither MS nor Sony can sit down and relax. They always have to think about the future.

Metallox1639d ago

This comment is gold, good think it's from Batman.

alexkoepp1639d ago

good news, ill be ready for new hardware in 2018 glad to see they are starting now.

chaos-lockheart1639d ago

Better not be another HUGE box. I mean if they have this much time to think about a design, it should at least be cool looking and thought out.

Gaming1011639d ago

That's the thing, you have 2 different departments, one which focuses on refining current hardware to lower manufacturing costs, and another research and development team which designs future hardware. Yes, you can walk and chew gum at the same time.

kreate1639d ago

I thought they were talking about the x1 slim ...

WolvesDude1638d ago

'Some people are so excited about the future that they forget to enjoy the present.'

Bubble for you Sir.

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Spikes14711639d ago

Well the Xbox One and PS4 were in development couple years after the release of Xbox 360 and PS3. You do know it doesn't take a year to develop the designs and all?

kneon1639d ago

You're right, but I think the next gen consoles will take less time to develop than they have in the past.

Having finally moved to x86 architecture I doubt they will give that up any time soon, there are just too many advantages.

So the next gen console's cpu and gpu will just be scaled up versions of this gen. So most of their design effort will be on the extras, new controllers, Kinect3, Morpheus 2 etc.

LightningMokey1639d ago

See nice subtle Naruto reference, just dont use it all time. Repetition is annoying. Bub up as promised. Also im not excited for next gen, rather worried about it. Im not ready for DRM and all digital, or nothing but Call of Duty titles.

Charybdis1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Not sure could have also be referring to how the x1 design will look in 10 years x1 slim or whatever. Remember that there was an in depth article of probably same guy, going in depth on the design choices of the esthetics for the x1.

Magicite1639d ago

Im still playing PS3 and not intending to move to PS4 anytime soon, probably next year.

DealWithIt1639d ago

"...Boy, I can't wait for Kinect 3.0"

Said nobody

xx4xx1639d ago

As told by someone who has never tried Kinect.

SilentNegotiator1638d ago

LOL, you MS fanboys; "If you don't like it, that means ya haven't tried it!"

incredibleMULK1639d ago

Yes! Damn these outdated shit boxes and their 4 games. Bring out the new sh1t!

SilentNegotiator1638d ago

*Flips table with 8th gen hardware on it*

ITPython1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Based on MS's history with OS's that didn't quite pan out the way they hoped (Vista, Windows ME etc), the XB2 could be out in as little as one or two years.

They would be smart to include full backwards compatibility with all XB1 games (upgraded graphics too). And XB2 games could be played on XB1 as well (at a lower level of course, but still fully functional).

This way those that want the more powerful console could upgrade, but if somebody didn't want to upgrade they wouldn't be screwed out of new games.

Honestly this is the only hope MS has to catch up to the PS4 this gen, cause as of now they don't have a single advantage. Weaker hardware, weaker first-party support, harder to develop for, much weaker sales... etc etc. They need at least ONE advantage over the PS4 besides Halo/Gears in late 2015/2016.

reaperofsouls1638d ago

next gen console will be 4K resolution i'm guessing

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lifeisgamesok1639d ago

I can't even fathom how powerful the next consoles will be

We will definitely be in the uncanny valley in terms of graphical realism

The next consoles are at least 8-10 years away though

I'm happy with the current gen so far

pedrof931639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

You need to get out more.

And if you expect consoles to be the graphical powerhouse of gaming you better get yourself a a gaming rig.

SilentNegotiator1638d ago

So your solution to his excitement of what 9th gen consoles might be like is build a PC? Elitists really need to give it a rest.

pedrof931638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )


I'm not a elitist, but yes, the best looking games are on Pc.

bleedsoe9mm1639d ago

if sony gets a huge lead because the xb1 can't keep up graphically , its not going to be 8-10 years maybe 4 or 5

marcofdeath1639d ago

XB1 is keeping up as of lately.....
Here is a word from a PRO.

"Don't make the mistake of judging a console by the quality of the launch window games. Let's have this discussion again in two years when we have games that are actually using engines designed for next gen hardware instead of ported last gen engines adapted for next gen. We haven't seen anything truly next gen yet..."

bleedsoe9mm1639d ago

@marcofdeath we'll see how it goes , we were certainly in a different place at the end of last generation than where we started it .

XStation1639d ago

How about a console which is what majority of people game on. And don't mention steam because i have a steam and i don't even use it. Also, steam always tracks people because people don't normally get on the computer unless they have internet connection. A lot of people don't pay for xbox live and PSN.

Vegamyster1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )


What does any of that have to do with what the next consoles (9th gen) potential visuals? My comment was based on this "I can't even fathom how powerful the next consoles will be"

jmc88881639d ago

Not to pile on, but we already have PC's that are over 20 TFlops of raw power, meaning uber PC's....and I mean stinking filthy rich that they pee gold type people, can already build a PC that is pretty close, if not already past, 'next-next gen' on consoles.

How about quad-sli 5.1 TFlop Titan Black monsters? That's 4 video cards which each alone is over 400 percent the power of an Xbox One, and close to 300 percent the power of a PS4.

It's not practical, or even close to being practical, but it's there.

If they do decide to actually come out with the Titan-Z we're talking about 8 TFlops per card, which would be ~32 TFlops of power in a PC, or what would be 17.7x the power of a PS4, and 26.6x the power of an Xbox One.

So, yes, you should be able to imagine it, because it's basically either already here, or soon to be here.

evilhasitsway1639d ago

get a really good pc you then will see what the next systems will be like. just saying. I have been a console player since orginal way back im talking ducking hunter on Mario and shit, but in the last year I purchased a really really good pc and its way more powerful than ps4 or x1. so I have been more to the pc gaming in the past year. made me a believer.

SaturdayNightBeaver1638d ago

So by that , we are to expect PC graphics to be "real" in 4-5 years, maybe less.

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tdogchristy901639d ago

What is the realistic expected lifespan of the x1 ps4?

Concertoine1639d ago

if i had to guess, 6 or 7 years.
The main reason last gen lasted so long was because MS and Sony sold both their consoles for a huge loss and they wanted to make money back before going forward.

Dlacy13g1639d ago

Yeah, I actually think this could be closer to 4-5 years...Both these companies would love to pull off an Apple like product that they could introduce new product iterations faster that the must have the next best thing buyers would lap up. Slightly more powerful, able to run older stuff but carries the higher profitable price point so they don't take a hit for creating new hardware.

XStation1639d ago

4-5 years, because they are selling so well that they are getting a lot of profit.

Dlacy13g1639d ago

@XStation, I say "profitable" in that from all reports both these consoles this generation are not being made "at a loss" as in they are not "subsidizing the cost" / selling at a loss. Which is very different from last time. They will recoup their R&D costs much faster which could translate to a faster iteration on the hardware for the next full product cycle.

bjmartynhak1639d ago

Also think of 4-5 years, with backwards compatibility and a longer cross-gen transition.

Probably just improved CPU and GPU, same x86

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Brazz1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

if we have a "fair fight", Ps4, WiiU and Xbox 1 selling similar number (or at least X1 and Ps4 selling similar numbers), then this will be a long generation, perhaps 6-8 years.

If it became a "uneven" fight, whit one side dominating the other 2... well... i can see this as a very short gen, 5 years.

edit: look at the original Xbox, if Microsoft start to lose this war by a big shot they are going for a new xbox in 5 years for sure!

LightningMokey1639d ago

To be fair i liked the Xbox more than the 360. But it just was to little to late.

evilhasitsway1639d ago

umm ps4 has out sold the x1 going on 5months straight. "if they continue this and do it for one year straight which I believe they will" then ms will have to be quick on a next gen or back out of the game.

SaturdayNightBeaver1638d ago

As long as they can keep the plebs amused. Their hw is already 4 years old.

mark3214uk1639d ago

4k should be main stream by then,so they will have to make it as powerfull as 2 titans?

Qrphe1639d ago

4K may be a TV standard but probably not a TV standard. Games will probably generally target 1440p but GPUs will definitely be more powerful then, I expect at least 10-15 tflop card bases.

jmc88881639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

4ktv is a standard in Japan, and will start broadcasting in about 2 months.

From the article.
"According to the Asahi Times, the Japanese ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has decided to start broadcasting in 4K during the semi-finals and the finals of the football World Cup in Brazil in July 2014. This indicates that FIFA is considering to also set up a 4K production infrastructure in addition to a 3D production setup."

Qrphe1639d ago

I meant to say that 4k may become a TV standard but not a TV gaming standard.

Summons751639d ago

This is nothing new, all companies start looking toward the next release as soon as the current one is out the door. Another 8 years we will have new systems and they will be even better but we shouldn't worry about it until then.