Transistor Review: Supergiant Games’ latest blends RPG action and narrative seamlessly | Canada

Supergiant Games made an impact on the indie game landscape in 2012 with Bastion. The studio seems to have taken what it learned from that title and applied it to Transistor.

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_sleeves1608d ago

"One thing this title oozes with is art and style. It evokes a lot of the same visual flair that Bastion had except as opposed to a Steampunk-styled world, Transistor goes for a more futuristic setting. The robotic monsters of the Process are full of flourishing colours."

Looking forward to this and if anything, the soundtrack. The turn-based combat style of Transistor sounds intimidating by text but after watching a couple of videos describing it I can't wait to experience it all at once!

pat_11_51608d ago

Yea, this one flew under my radar but after reading this review, I'll need to make some time to play it.

Rokashi1607d ago

The music is FANTASTIC.