Metro: Redux to be Revealed Tomorrow, Will Run at 60FPS and Most Likely 1080p

OnlySP: The Metro: Last Light vine account released two more teasers following the first one earlier today.

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ThatKanadianKid1342d ago

Hmm, Huw Beynon teasing other stuff tomorrow too via the Tweet at the bottom. Please god let it be a an open world sequel for the Metro series..

AliTheSnake11342d ago

60fps ? Thought they would have wanted to push graphics.

ABizzel11342d ago

Agreed, because Metro and Crysis are PC killers, so if they're going for 1080p @ 60fps, this is most likely medium settings, which still looks great, and better than most games.

But if they go higher like Ultra / 3X AAA, then this thing is going to be 30fps at best.

Blaze9291342d ago

am i the only one who liked 2033 more than Last Light?

LAWSON721342d ago

Since I witnessed the cool atmosphere and world in 2033 I would have to agree. Everything is alot more interesting when you are first discovering the world around you.

BABY-JEDI1342d ago

I really enjoyed it but most environments were (sadly to say) too enclosed. Visuals & gameplay were great also & the dodgy Russian accents were good to.

FalloutWanderer20771342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

Even semi-open world would be awesome. I love the way the games already are but if they can bring what makes the Metro games unique and atmospheric in an open world.count me in!

I am more interested in what they did with Metro 2033. I am assuming it has the improvements and upgrades that Last Light had? 2033 is supposed to be bundled with this correct?

MysticStrummer1342d ago

I never played these games so this interests me.

Derekvinyard131342d ago

Dude, last light is awsome, it's so different from other fps shooters. I rented it with zero expectations and loved it. I never played it because I though it would be to complicated with the gas mask and filters but it was so easy to learn and fun when stuff gets on the mask you have to wipe it off it's actually prett long to, I'd say about 15-16 hours. Definitely worth a play

FalloutWanderer20771342d ago

Agreed. One of the better FPS games to come out in the last couple of years. I have not finished Last Light yet,about halfway through but I beat Metro 2033. Both games are absolutely amazing with some of the best atmosphere of any game,any genre that I've ever played. Highly recommended.

The series distances it's self quite well with unique gameplay features in the FPS genre. Ammo for currency,gas masks and filters along with a better story than a majority of shooters.

BallsEye1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

I've played a lot of games. I'm kind of a collector :). As for the graphics, Metro Last Light is the best looking PC game I've ever played. The only game that surpassed it so far was Ryse on XO imo (and by quite a big margin, still shocked at the normal maps/textures). Gameplay wise it has one of strongest atmospheres ever! The underground slums are so detailed it blowed my mind! You really should play it. It's worth it!

MysticStrummer1342d ago

Yeah I don't know why I never checked it out, really. It looks like something I'd enjoy. I was thinking of buying Last Light the other day but then I read about this collection and decided to wait.

Funky Town_TX1342d ago

No new game, just redo and HD upates.

Predaking771342d ago

For those who never played those games before and have a PS4 these are new games.

thereapersson1342d ago

My PC wasn't good enough to run this game when it came out, so this is a perfect opportunity to enjoy it.

ginsunuva1342d ago

You can say that about any game.

Stop avoiding the fact that next-gen has no games.

jagstar441342d ago

Need a new metro game, last light was amazing

jmac531342d ago

I love how we are getting announcements before the avalanche that is E3.

christrules00411342d ago

We knew about this before Metro : Redux before though. =P

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