EA to Ban EA Sports UFC Players From Online Matchmaking for Intentional Disconnects

EA to Ban EA Sports UFC Players From Online Matchmaking for Intentional Disconnects

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Wedge191665d ago

It's hard to differentiate between intentional and unintentional, but I commend them for at least trying to do something about it. Hopefully it goes well and leads to better correction of this problem in the future.

creatchee1665d ago

I wouldn't mind if they went the Killer Instinct route and put the repeatedly disconnecting players into "jail" so they would only play other people who disconnected a lot. I don't think they should ban them completely though - then you're talking about removing advertised functionality of a product and it gets murky. You would think that in this day and age, they would be able to log who quits games and turns off their power manually.

UnHoly_One1665d ago

In reference to your "removing advertised functionality" comment:

Online gameplay is governed by a terms of use agreement that you need to accept. As long as that agreement mentions this scenario then they aren't doing anything wrong.

You break the rules and you get punished. I applaud them for attempting to put a stop to this sort of thing.

creatchee1665d ago


I agree that it is well within their rights to cut disconnecting players off, but it still isn't the best PR to be denying people access to online multiplayer that they paid for - especially if a reasonable alternative exists.

n4rc1665d ago

I dunno...

As someone that's played a lot of ufc games online, its insane how often people quit out.. It so rarely ever happens legitimately to worry about..

Once in a blue moon, you drop and get a loss... Its better then people ruining the game.. You keep doing it? Intentional or not, you should t be playing

BX811665d ago

I think in the past it had a lot to do with lag. The last 3 ufc games all had crappy online so I could see how people would rage quit.

n4rc1664d ago

I felt 09 and 10 were really good except for developer incompetence ala button mashing sub's, super cafs etc etc..

But it really got bad.. To the point where you KNEW the guy was going to quit before he did it.. It was so common..

Lag and bad connections did happen tho.. But I found guys would msg you if that happened.. "Sorry dude, too laggy" etc and was also the beginning of a fight, not a second before a win lol

Blaze9291665d ago


i dont have a problem with this, as long as "Matchmaking" is doing exactly that. I'm so sick of games that match a player who just popped in a game with someone who's already peaked the max level. that is NOT a match.

I'm not defending quitting but i do understand sometimes, it's no fun getting matched to someone who is just on a completely different level than you and you can't quit...

AgentSmithPS41665d ago

It sounds like this game and bf4 have something in common, ea's matchmaking/team balancing is garbage. I have dozens of screenshots showing just how bad it is, it's surprising that it happens a lot in 64 player CQ.

BoriboyShoGUN1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Its simple if they have a high disconnect percentage then you just restrict them to unranked matches or suspend them for a few days. After that im sure theyd be less eager to pull the plug. This should be easy to do EA's been tracking disconnect percentage for years now.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1665d ago

It'll prolly lead to people buying good internet instead of stealing their neighbors.

AgentSmithPS41664d ago

Good, now we get to ban ea from their involvement in online games since they intentionally released a game many months too early, gave us the lowest quality servers, etc...

Banning is wrong but here's a few ideas to reduce disconnects.
1. If they ever win a fight it won't count UNLESS they watch a 'replay' or 'simulation' of their ass being whipped by a guy from a match that they disconnected from. They will have to count the amount of times they were punched, kicked, etc and get it right when questioned or they can't continue.
2. They will be disconnected at random times during a fight they're doing well in, the % based on how many times they disconnected. Also they could randomly be unable to move and a message "you feel weak from too much disconnecting" would appear and the internet guy could beat their ass.
3. Make them fight a tough single player fight if they disconnect too much and have the other fighter taunt them about not being able to quit etc, have the NPC do fake disconnects then come back and knock them out with a knee to the face etc.

Jonny5isalive1664d ago

I dont. Quit while loosing, it was intentional 99% of the time. Need any more help? Pretty much true of all games.

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NYC_Gamer1665d ago

I feel all games should have this feature for sore losers

insertcoin1665d ago

Well, good. Let's hope that this doesn't happen to people with a bad connection in the first place.

dbjj120881665d ago

Disconnecting is stupid. Just finish your game and take the loss or you'll never get better. Hit training mode if you're not sure of your skills or you're losing a lot online.

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