Watch Dogs PS4 Install Size Finally Revealed, Digital Pre-Order Now Live On EU PSN

GearNuke: "Watch Dogs is an upcoming open-world game which pits us in the shoes of an hacker out for revenge. The game is now available for pre-order on the official PSN store for the EU Region and along with this pre-order, the install size of the PS4 version has also been revealed."

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okmrman1639d ago

nice size

(thats what she said)

parentoftheyear1639d ago

I'm not sure you understand how that joke works.

King_of_Nothing1639d ago

Did you just set up your own joke and then tell it to yourself?

ThatEnglishDude1639d ago

"According to the PSN store listing, Watch Dogs will require about 20.4 GB of space on the hard disk."


showtimefolks1639d ago

that's not bad, still not liking the 9 special editions. I hope some of that pre order dlc is later released to buy. Its seems like we have to buy 9 games from different retailers just to get everything

raWfodog1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Yep, I'll probably be waiting until next year for a GOTY edition.

Rickgrimes951639d ago

Way better then the wolfenstein download

skydragoonity1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

20.4 GB.... lol thatenglishdude beat me to it

famoussasjohn1639d ago

Not as big as I had expected. Nice!

Seraphemz1639d ago

thats what she said...

@okmrman - thats how it works.

wirapuru1638d ago

The map isn't as big as I expected either.

Grimbarian1639d ago

So the standard edition is £59.99 (or $101.24) from the EU store, but only $59.99 (or £35.55) from the USA store that's some disgusting price gouging of the EU market and crap that really needs stopping.

KwietStorm1639d ago

Wow that doesn't even make sense.

mike32UK1639d ago

I got the regular ps4 version for £38 from flubit. Bargain!

KUV19771639d ago

That's how it always has been. It is really annoying. I think with inFamous you could also buy the digital version in US and automatically received the special edition... in EU that cost 10€ extra.. makes perfect sense, since all of us Europeans have not enough space to store all the bundles of money anyway.

dodgemoose1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

This is why I struggle to comprehend how people from the EU can go all-digitial. The launch price is so much higher than what's offered from retailers and hardly goes down after months on the store. Plus, for this higher price you still can't trade in, nor give it to a friend to play. The only benefit is the 'convenience' factor, but at the end of the day it's not exactly hard to eject a disk and put it in its case.

ScottyHoss1638d ago

What sold digital to me is that there's no tax, convenience, traveling with the system is easier, no 2 dollar one year warranty on disks (I can always just re-download) and also the threat of a new system melting disks, which thankfully hasn't happened.

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The story is too old to be commented.