Explosive Maze Game Bombing Bastards Ready to Rock the Wii U, PlayStation 4 Version to Follow

Explosive maze game coming to Wii U "within the next couple of months"; PS4 version to follow.

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randomass1711665d ago

So it's Bomberman. This is reminding me why I don't like Konami.

Nevers0ft1665d ago

If this has online multiplayer I'll be all over it like a bad rash... Doesn't sound like it does though :(

randomass1711664d ago

I think I read somewhere in another post it's expected to have online. I could be wrong though, so keep an eye out.

Nevers0ft1664d ago

Hopefully you're right. Although I do manage to get a few friends sat around my TV fairly often for some local multi-player so it wouldn't be the end of the world... So long as the game was a sensible price.

BoneBone1665d ago

Nintendo will allow the game with this title? Cool.