'Games Nowhere Near Film' Says David Cage

Beyond: Two Souls creator David Cage says that videogames still have some way to go to catch up with film.

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MR123_C1644d ago

Well I think the last of us is much better than most of the crap coming out of hollywood

NewMonday1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Movies are their own thing
Books are their own thing
Comics are their own thing
Games are their own thing

Each is an art form, it could be good art or bad art but it is still art.

David Cage shouldn't down play what others achieved in the games medium just because his work didn't get recognized by critics.

Games like tLoU, Journey, Shadow of the Colossus and Dear Esther are great expressions in the medium.

And he shouldn't complain about gamers and critics and maybe listen to feedback, didn't he ever consider the problem is himself? I like his games but they have shortcomings, Telltale proved an adventure game can be successful and popular if done right, funny thing they did what he was trying to do but better.

Moe-Gunz1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

I find TellTale TWD games highly overrated. Walking Dead games are pretty lame to me. It's no where near what Heavy Rain or Indigo Prophecy did. So I disagree with you saying TellTale did it better.

Two different styles imo.

NewMonday1643d ago

The only thing better on David Cage games is the budget, Telltale are better at storytelling

DCfan1643d ago

I play games for gameplay, not silly cutscenes and grafix.
This is why i'll never play any of his games.

Transporter471643d ago

So you are not a fan of a great story either, I love his games they are really awesome. You sir are missing out on amazing games.

Tiqila1643d ago

disagree, indigo prophecy and heavy rain were awesome, david cages last one was mediocre at best.

robtion1643d ago

DCfan: That is your opinion but that is a very narrow/close minded way of looking at things.

DCfan1643d ago

I enjoy a good story, but gameplay comes first and foremost.
Its why games like Yakuza and MGS are great games, there is a balance between the story and the gameplay.

HeWhoWalks1643d ago

You'll find that quite a lot of people suddenly become experts on this topic - anytime Cage says something (just look at a few of the top posts for examples). His games get no recognition by critics? Really? I could have sworn Heavy Rain was universally praised by critics, winning PLENTY of GOTY awards in 2010 (especially in EU) - or perhaps I live in an alternate dimension...

In the real world, Cage makes good points, and while we have near-Hollywood cinema-like titles, such as Beyond: Two Souls and The Last Of Us, there's still a long way to go.

Frankly, I enjoy the blend of these new wave of cinematic titles and traditional games. Keeps the variety alive.

BitbyDeath1643d ago

You know those cutscenes are part of the gameplay right? You probably aren't good at it cause you think the good graphics mean you aren't playing.

Had that happen to me a couple of times lastgen. MGS4 got me a few times.

DCfan1643d ago

So, you're basically calling me an idiot?
Yeah, i know those are called real time cutscenes and whatever.
Point is, i'd rather have a Sega Saturn with its space shooters than any of cage's games anyday.

BitbyDeath1643d ago

No, but it is alright to make mistakes.

Subby1643d ago

And it should stay that way.

linkenski1643d ago

I just saw The Secret Life of Mitty and therefore I feel confident in saying there are games that do narrative much better and therefore this general statement from David Cage is ignorant.

ironfist921643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Its more of his realisation that games have more potential than what they already are, and encourages the development of more narrative driven experiences in games which rival that of any other media.

Basically, he's saying he wants less crap, immature and stupid games which I'm sure is in the back of most gamers' minds considering the amount of shovelware, film-licensed games and other stuff like Ride To Hell or Duke Nukem Forever there are.

Stapleface1643d ago

This is what I got out of the article as well. He wasn't really down playing games. Considering he said it's the greatest medium ever created. I thought he made some great points. There is a lot of room for improvement.

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