Kickstarter for Amplitude is ending 150k is missing

A rhythm-action music game for PlayStation®4 & PlayStation®3 based on Amplitude™, the 2003 cult classic by Harmonix!

vote with money if you want it.

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TomShoe1250d ago

Come on guys, we can do this.

Massacred1250d ago

Just 86K at this point. Hustle guys!

CernaML1250d ago

Less than 100k to go now. So close!

kythlyn1250d ago

This has made fantastic progress in the last 48 hours! If momentum keeps up, it will pass! But if you can help, please support this Kickstarter!

Axecution1250d ago

So happy this hit front page of N4G >.>

SilentNegotiator1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

This is practically spam. It's lucky that it didn't get taken down and got a few hours on the front page.

SoapShoes1250d ago

The past two days it has really kicked it up, hope it can make it. If it's only a fe thousand short I hope they extend it or reduce the amount.

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