‘Watch Dogs’ dev says individual AI memory is possible, requires ‘a lot of work’

XMNR: As players interact with the world of “Watch Dogs,” they’ll bump into or bump off some of the ordinary people that walk the streets of Chicago. Creative Director Jonathan Morin spoke with Examiner a little about how the AI for these ordinary characters were developed.

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Martinineter1585d ago

It would be very revolutionary to have this feature ingame!

Ashunderfire861585d ago

Glad it's possible I been thinking of a game based heavily on A.I . As a matter fact, in my Game Design 1 class, I had to make a Game Design Document based on my idea.

XiNarutoUzumaki1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Devs are too lazy for this

Nekroo911585d ago

i dont call them lazy for not doing that...more time=more resources=more money = less profits/increased game price

brads41585d ago

It's not lazy. Time and money. They are in the business of making cash.

Menkyo1585d ago

How are they to lazy? From the article they did this in the game.

DoctorJones1585d ago

The old 'Devs are lazy' argument. That's original.

Stapleface1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

The most uneducated comment that you see on game websites. Unfortunately one of the most repeated.

OT:@Menkyo, I got that from the article as well. He did say Yes when asked if someone would remember if you shot their wife. So that will be interesting to see. I wonder if some might seek revenge? That would be great.

HarvesterOSarow1585d ago

Don't even go there Peter Molyneux! You take that thought back!

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Derekvinyard131585d ago

Wait, doesn't gta already have this? The ai in that game is pretty dam good

nope1111585d ago

It would be expensive i bet.

Meltic1585d ago

The AI in the game is so good. There is people sitting in eatchothers lap and kisses. Sings, rob banks, shooting at the police and the police is shooting back. There is people pissing on others cars and they fight. So much. read more on

Sloth-Eater1585d ago

I guess they could probably sooner rather than later. A bit like individual personalities you can create in rpg games or the Sims. Obviously on a larger scale, but I'd love to see it happen this gen.

gazgriff2k121585d ago

Shenmue dreamcast? good god devs have got unambitious and lazy blame the pubs lol

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