Media Create hardware sales (5/12 – 5/18)

The latest Japanese hardware sales from Media Create are as follows:
3DS LL – 18,350
Vita – 12,810
PS3 – 7,339
PS4 – 6,792
Wii U – 6,716 3DS – 5,250
PSP – 1,642
Vita TV – 1,055
Xbox 360 – 201

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Chrischi19881669d ago

What has happened? Japan not interested in gaming anymore?

ritsuka6661669d ago

I blame companys like : Crapcom Square Enix.. they just killed the gaming industry japan.

DoctorJones1669d ago

Yeah that must be it, Capcom and Square Enix were the villains.

Lol, you crack me up.

ritsuka6661669d ago

This companys are big part of problem ,that's for sure.

lonelyplayer1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Blame iPhone and iPad

aceitman1669d ago

It's that Dan gaming tax they got hit with, it's to high.

Neonridr1669d ago

PS4 just barely outsold the Wii U this week.

I am excited to see what happens next week as I feel this is the calm before the storm. I am eager to see what kind of numbers MK8 puts up over there. Hopeful it has a good showing.

Chrischi19881669d ago

Yeah, if this keeps up, it could be possible, that during MK8 release week, Wii U has higher sales than PS4 for once^^ A true possibilty, not that it would change the situation at all, but it is still something.

Chrischi19881669d ago

Lol at the disagree, it is a logical thing, nobody can deny that, but I get what happened, I said something about the PS4, that did not praise it like a god and we see, what we get for that...

bias pretty much? It is not like I said Wii U will harm the PS4 in any way, I was simply talking about 1 week in Japans sales^^ Incredible the insecurity of fanboys...

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1669d ago

for once. Well If we compare Wii U to PS4 in the same time span
Wii U out sell it.

slivery1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Was talking about this in some other article.

I can't say the same now, I expected Wii U sales to increase more for the release of MK8 and I thought they were. You also have to keep in mind not every single person is going to buy the bundle, it will for sure boost its sales but so far it looks like it might not be by much.

The sales aren't increasing at all, not even gradually when the game releases in a matter of days, sales have even dropped lower now which I did not expect at all.

I hope you're right though but based on the numbers it just gives me an uneasy feeling.

I have also been trying to keep track of peoples interest in the game as that is usually a good judge of things to come, although many people obviously recognize it is a great game, I not seeing a ton of people actually talk about it which worries me a bit more. Even here barely anyone comments on MK8 related news, again it's sad but I have been going around a lot of site and it appears the same.

Even some sites are giving away the game for free in contests, Nintendo and Gamestop also are even giving away the bundle for free with a contest on twitter if anyone is interested. Barely anyone is entering is the problem.

It is getting some buzz but not nearly the level of buzz I thought MK8 would get. So we will see.

Again I hope you're right, my last post about these sales was trying to convince people in why they should be buying the bundle if they don't already have a Wii U. It is a good deal.

creatchee1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

I'm kinda embarrassed... For a while, every time I saw MK8, I would think people are using a shorthand for Mortal Kombat 8, to which I would ask myself: "that already came out a while back - why is it a big deal now?"

Glad to know it's actually Mario Kart lol

izumo_lee1669d ago

If hardware is this bad, what makes Microsoft think that releasing the One over in Japan a good idea? The Wii U has the software in Japan yet they don't care, the PS4 has no software & they don't care. Console gaming is in decline in Japan for some time now & the new tax laws isn't gonna make it any better.

slivery1669d ago

Well many people from Japan said this, like Keiji Inafune warned people of this but no one wanted to listen. Based on what we are seeing it seems to be true to some extent as even the 3DS isn't doing as well as it used to.

Hell I don't understand how Microsoft can even think of releasing the Xbox One in Japan knowing how god awful the Xbox 360 has done there in its entire life span.

Darth Gamer1669d ago

The strange thing about the 360 is that even though it is doing terrible over in Japan, it still seems to sell its 200+ consoles every week. I would have thought it would have fallen off of the map by now. I still am shocked at the poor sales of the PS4 though.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1669d ago

They do care for Wii U software. That why every Famitsu Most Wanted
Mario Kart 8 is Top 3 either above Kindgom Heart III and below Persona 5, Hyrule Warriors and Smash Bros. is also Top 50.

No_Limit1669d ago

Man the 3DS continues to sell! Doesn't everyone in Japan has like 3 3DS by now?

I am totally shocked by these numbers, I thought it would be the other way around.
Vita – 12,810
PS3 – 7,339
PS4 – 6,792

Hopefully with a few new releases, sales of the PS4 will pick up.

majiebeast1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Japanese game market is migrating to mobile, they really don't care for quality any more. At this point i think the 3DS wont even hit PSP numbers and it has nothing to do with the 3DS itself.

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