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GarrusVakarian1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

What an awesome trailer, this game is going to be incredible! I'm loving that Scarecrow is going to play a huge role, he was great in AA, by far my favourite villain, after The Joker.

And dem graphicsssss. Hnnnghh.

Day one! I am so excited for this.

grailly1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

The game looks really good and will surely be really good, but I just can't stand the trailer. I hate this cut every two seconds type of footage. Also there barely was any gameplay

Lucreto1667d ago

Don't get you hopes up yet with the Scarecrow. We thought Black Mask was getting a huge role in Origins and look how that turned out.

Xsilver1667d ago

u saw when the rain hit his helmet tho and the way he calls the batmobile is dangerous lol one of these days he's gonna jump late and get smacked :).

NewMonday1666d ago


GOTY will be between Batman AK and Destiny

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aCasualGamer1667d ago

This looks... NEXTGEN!

Finally. A game we at last can truly say, uses the hardware of PS4 and Xbox One (and PC ofcourse) to the fullest. long as they don't dumb it down last second like Ubisoft.

Ausbo1667d ago

I agree. Next Gen indeed. Glad they are leaving the old consoles behind

dale_denton1667d ago

did you see the part where the Batmobile was upside down? pre ordered for ps4!

3-4-51666d ago

Best game trailer I've seen in a long time.

* Game looks beautiful

* Driving on the ceiling!

* "Bad Guy" looks awesome, and should be a good match for Batman.

* Huge City, bigger than ever, better looking than ever.

* If the new batman Movies end up not being great, at least we have these games.

^ They are basically almost at movie level in terms of how the stories play out.

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MegaSackman1667d ago

This is BATSICK!! i want to pre order now!

sipale1667d ago

Current gen riiiiight here!!

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