PS4 Sales Fall Below PS3, Close To Wii U In Japan, As The Overall Hardware Sales Face Decline

GearNuke: "Famitsu has released the weekly sales figures for last week in Japan and according to sales figures, the hardware sales continue to decline, resulting in some shockingly low figures for the PS3, PS4 and Wii U."

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GribbleGrunger1671d ago

Interesting. Now let's look at this time last year:

| 3DS # | 36.162 |
| PSV | 11.564 |
| PS3 | 10.738 |
| PSP # | 6.833 |
| WIU | 6.058 |
| WII | 1.189 |
| 360 | 272 |

Evilsnuggle1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

I think the sales for PS4 will explode. Once Deep Down and kingdom under fire 2 are released in Japan. Sony need some games in Japan. I'm hoping that Deep Down is at E3 and now announced for the North America and Europe. Keeping my fingers crossed that Deep Down is a full retail game in the North America and Europe. Free to play games are very popular in Asia but not so much on consoles in the USA.

gamer11381671d ago

The only thing that will shift PS4s is if capcom finally brings Monster Hunter back to PS. Otherwise what we are seeing here is further evidence a lot of core Japanese gamers have gone mobile or handled. There's still a hardcore market but there aren't as many of them as there used to be.

Aery1671d ago

Japan is a different world. Really different.

randomass1711671d ago

This is a nation where statistically around 40% of their media is anime/manga. Bring out some more games with that style and I'm sure we'll see an increase there.

ALLWRONG1671d ago

Japan doesn't love Sony the way they once did.

mikeslemonade1671d ago

Doesn't really matter. PS4 is still the fastest selling system ever and other terriotorries will make up for the lack of a Japanese presence.

TomShoe1670d ago

I'll wait for Yakuza 5 to get released in Japan, then I'll make judgement. If Yakuza can't sell PS4s in Japan, I don't know what can.


Japan is mobile land now, no discussion. It has completelly embraced the mobile market model, they buy the newest portable gadget every other year. Just look at this chart alone, add 3DS LL and Vita numbers, they sold more than every other gaming consoles and portables combined. The only way for PS4 to pull impressive number out there is if they magically make a PS4 fit into a pocket and "slim" it every 18 months, other than that they can do good with more Japanese oriented games, but hardly keep the momentum, it's not a problem with the console, it's just not right market anymore.

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HomerDog1671d ago

gaming is dead right now. after titanfall and infamous there's only watchdogs. then nothing till September for destiny. not much to play. I'm playing my 360 a lot more than any other system.

Nerdmaster1671d ago

Meanwhile, I can't wait to get Mario Kart 8 next week.

Jubez1871671d ago

I feel bad for people like you that only play big budget "AAA" titles.

TekoIie1671d ago

Transistor released like yesterday -_-

jnemesh1671d ago

Funny, I just downloaded "Transistor" last night. Haven't played it yet, but it's getting rave reviews everywhere.

I also am only half way through "Tomb Raider" (I never played it when it came out originally)...and I still have to play through Infamous as evil.

That isn't even mentioning the times where I fire up "Resogun" or one of the two pinball games I have for a quickie.

As for upcoming games...I am looking forward to Diablo III, Starbound, Metro: Last Light, Rygar, The Last of Us remaster (didn't play this one yet either), The Order:1886, and probably 2 or three others (including Destiny).

The "there are no good games" argument is getting a bit tired, especially with all of the evidence to the contrary.

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windblowsagain1671d ago

Not surprising when Most are buying the 3DS. Don't know why it sells so well.. Poor quality screen and so so games. But it's built for japanese market imo.

Not a fan of 2DS OR 3DS.

But i'm not a fan of portables anyway.

Shield is another meh device.

voodoochild3461670d ago

Lol you revealed yourself as a fanboy troll when you said "so so games".

GarrusVakarian1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Damn, Japan......Y U NO LIKE PS4?

I guess it has something to do with the lack of JRPG's...and Japanese games in general on the PS4. Which is something the PS3 is in abundance of. Hopefully that will change for those guys soon.

GribbleGrunger1671d ago

Lack of games *fullstop*

Once they start getting more Japanese centric games, things will pick up.

DarkLordMalik1671d ago

They aren't releasing until next year, or at the tail end of this year. I don't expect much for this year but hopeful for the next year.

GribbleGrunger1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

I think we'll see a slight pump when Infamous: Second Son releases but not much of a bump and not enough to sustain a better average going forward (ignoring natural weekly fluctuations)

monkeyDzoro1671d ago

U say : "Lack of games *fullstop*"
And you add : "Once they start getting more JAPANESE centric games, things will PICK UP".
So, what's the difference between what you said and what @Lukas said.

PS4 isn't doing very well in JAPAN because it doesnt have JAPANESE CENTRIC games yet. Not just games.
Did you want to troll or smthg ? Or acting like you're the only objective one here?

Perjoss1671d ago

Get a next gen Monster Hunter on the PS4, problem solved.

GribbleGrunger1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )


I'm friends with Lukas. You seem to have a problem fella.

monkeyDzoro1671d ago

Nope. I just dont understand why you said "lack of games" to add again "japanese centric games". It's the exact same statement Lukas made above... lack of JRPGs and japanese games...

GribbleGrunger1671d ago

Lack of games *fullstop* = not even a lot of Western games

Lack of Japanese centric = not just JRPGs but the lack of Japanese games overall.

Understand now?

randomass1711671d ago

Isn't that splitting hairs? If the western games don't sell a whole lot then why I even bring them into the discussion?

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MrSwankSinatra1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

I think it has to do with the lack of japanese type games in general. All japanese game on PS4 could be bought on PS3 and better yet on vita. So i'm pretty sure the japanese are not gonna shell out for another console just to get games they can get on their other existing platforms.

Hellsvacancy1671d ago

The PS4 doesn't have anything that's all that appealing, can't blame them i'm stuck in the same boat, my PS3 will be fine for another 6 months at least

Witcher 3 is when I shall be buying a PS4

DualWielding1671d ago

I think sales will pick up once Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV release (those are not exclusives but pretty sure the japanese would be playing them on PS4 and not Xbone)...... if those two don't improve sales then I'll worry about the PS4 on Japan but not before

Concertoine1671d ago

Im actually starting to wonder if the ps4 will catch up to the wii u in japan. The ps4 has little to offer for japanese audiences this year and nintendo has fatal frame, mario kart, a warriors game, eventually a shin megami tensei and fire emblem cross over, and thats on top of MH and DQ already on there and the year head start.
But on the other hand ps4 will eventually get FF and KH, which will be huge. I wouldnt put money on either, they both have different factors and i think in the end they'll be close in japan sales.

PigPen1670d ago

Zelda U will outshine both of them games

MacDonagh1671d ago

The mobile market is huge in Asia and Nintendo's handhelds sell very well because it's more convenient to play on the go rather than play on a console. Not that I'm saying that the consoles that have been released there are terrible but perhaps Japan have fallen out of love with consoles?

Just a thought.

Loadedklip1671d ago

Simple ... Japan isn't as easily convinced as the rest of the world into buying 400/500 dollar systems for barely better looking games that already exist and are perfectly playable on last gen systems which they probably already own.

Japan overall doesn't fall for hype alone.
They need actual great exclusive next gen games to get their attention.

Bravo Japan ... bravo.

randomass1711671d ago

To be honest I just think it's the model that's unappealing. Arcades and mobile devices are not dissimilar to one another in how you pay to play them. Handhelds satisfy the core crowd that's on the move, and people in Japanese cities are always moving. Game consoles are far more abstract and concrete I think.

Patrick_pk441671d ago

Japanese culture is all about anime and manga related products. Japan needs more JRPGs for them to buy the PS4.

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sam_job1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

This is a weekly sales figure details guys.. the headline seriously is Click-bait.. so desperate for hits

No_Limit1671d ago

How is it clickbait when it is listed in the description underneath the title?

"Famitsu has released the weekly sales figures for last week in Japan and according to sales figures"

Spotie1671d ago

Weren't you just complaining about a clickbait title on another article that wasn't actually clickbait?

Anyway, the Japanese want games the PS4 doesn't have yet. Fortunately, they ARE coming.

No_Limit1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Spotie ,

"Weren't you just complaining about a clickbait title on another article that wasn't actually clickbait? "

That was a Dualshockers article, and yes, that is the definition of click-bait because they used other websites, tweets, Neogaf insiders and make up their own stories/rumors with outrages heading that cause tension amongst gamers to bait readers to click on their site. This article here is linking to actual factual sales figure with numbers to back it up.

It is an apple to orange comparison here.

Jay70sgamer1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

@ samjob It's funny you say it's click bait .....but when wii u was at these sales level last year and everybody was bashing the wii u now that ps4 is at the same level now everyone wants to say console gaming is over in japan and make excuses ...the hypocrisy is crazy lol....

randomass1711671d ago

That's what I was thinking. It's honest journalism if you point out how poorly Wii U is doing. It's click bait if you say consoles like PS4 and in general are on a decline. Even when it's true.

XiSasukeUchiha1671d ago

Right now, Japanese focused games are in development!

Realplaya1671d ago

Are they going on sale pretty soon?

torchic1671d ago

apart from Persona 5 what other big Japanese games are coming soon? nothing from Namco Bandai, nothing from SE, nothing from Capcom... or am I mistaken? so that probably explains the lacklustre sales

DarkLordMalik1671d ago

For PS4? There aren't many titles with a announced release date so far. The PS3 has far much more including Persona 5, Tales of Zesteria and plenty more JRPGs.

wonderfulmonkeyman1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

It's a crying shame that the ps4 can't play ps3 disks, then. It might see more use out of people when those games drop, if it did.
I don't care about the costs;I would have paid more and gotten the system sooner if it natively supported the ps3, instead of using some bs cloud feature that isn't even guaranteed to have all the games I want to see on it...

randomass1711671d ago

Even Vita is seeing a heck of a lot more Japanese content than it's younger console brother. And that's why Vita sales have been spiking in Japan.